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Latest Chrome 42 From Google Comes With Push Notice And Bug Fixes.

Latest Chrome 42Chrome 42 has finished to a secure release and also is now available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux. Along with the common list of safety fixes (45 in total) and under-the-hood changes for security and also performance, Google’s newest release includes its new Push API and also Notifications API.

Together, these 2 new APIs allow web sites to send notifications to web surfers even after they’ve closed or navigated away from said site. Certainly, there’s a great line in between being useful & obtrusive when dealing with notifications. Fortunately, Google mandates that developers need to obtain consent for permission to make use of the Push API. Continue reading

Microsoft Releases New Music and also Video Applications for Windows 10 Without the Xbox Branding

Microsoft Releases New Music and also Video Applications for Windows 10Microsoft will certainly be the first to confess its upcoming Music and Video applications for PC – which both go down the Xbox branding - typically aren’t polished enough to polished present ones just yet. However, if you’re already testing Windows 10 via Technical Preview, you can now take the platform’s next-gen media applications for a spin. The Music Preview application could play & browse songs saved on your device and on OneDrive. Despite not having Xbox in its main name anymore, the application can still play any type of documents you included using Xbox Music Pass. Unfortunately, the gallery’s still wonky, and also Music Pass documents are prone to errors. In the near future, though, the technology company wants to add right-click menus and also the capability to buy from Windows Store Beta, among other features. Continue reading

Windows 10 is Coming This Summer..

windows 10Windows 10 is just a couple of months away. Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) still hasn’t offered a specific day, however the company announced that Windows 10 would launch at some time this summer. That’s a bit more specific than “later this year,” which had been Microsoft’s mantra up until Wednesday.

Windows 10 will certainly be a cost-free upgrade for current Windows 7 and 8.1 users, as well as Windows Phone 8.1 customers. Microsoft hasn’t but announced pricing for people using Windows Vista or earlier variations, but, honestly, you’re most likely a lot better off just acquiring a new PC if you aren’t even running Windows 7 at this point. Continue reading

Evernote Now Adds Context to Your Memos on Windows And Android !

EvernoteEvernote’s bringing Context, among its even more interesting announcements during its 4th conference in October, to Windows and Android. This feature, which was first provided to iOS & Mac users in November, pulls content [based upon just what you're typing, for this reason its name] from different sources and displays them on screen. By ‘Different Sources,’ we mean your old notes, your co-workers’ notes & a handful of websites, which includes The Wall Street Journal, Rapid Business and also TechCrunch – just click an entry inside the Context panel to read it. Continue reading

Microsoft is Working on a Service for Streaming Applications and also Games to Windows Devices !

Microsoft is Working on a Service for Streaming Applications and also Games to Windows Devices !Microsoft is developing a better way to compete with Google & its cloud-based applications and also operating system. The company is building an experimental service for streaming applications and video games on Windows, it’s declared.

ZDNet has actually reported that Microsoft’s Azure-based streaming service is codenamed Arcadia, a nod to an earth in the company’s Halo game series. Arcadia will permit you to stream applications and also games to Windows. Streaming apps are generally designed to run straight from the cloud to your computer or device, & the applications would likely consistently be current and totally integrated with Windows. Continue reading

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Desktop Computer New Start Menu Delayed Until 2015!

windows-8Microsoft made numerous desktop-friendly tweaks to Windows 8.1 Update 1 and the much-anticipated return of the Start menu selection was allegedly slated for Update 2 later on this year.  According to a ZDNet report, nevertheless, the firm has actually decided to hold back on this feature until sometime in 2015.

Update 2 is apparently still on tap for August this year sans the spruced up menu. As an alternative, Microsoft plans to deliver that function as component of the following major launch of Home Windows, referred to Limit – a.k.a Windows 9 – which is currently rumored to launch about a year from now in April 2015. Continue reading

Mutant Dual-Boot Android and Windows Phone Coming to United States This Spring!

androidHuawei is familiar with Windows Phone, having released a handset in the US in 2012, but the business is now planning to incorporate Android and Windows Phone into a single smartphone. Contacting TrustedReviews, Huawei’s chief advertising and marketing policeman, Shao Yang, uncovers the company is still dedicated to Microsoft’s mobile software program, however the inclination is to dual-boot it together with Android. “With Windows Phone, one direction for us– and one that we are now adhering to– is dual OS. Continue reading

Asus VivoBook S400CA – UH51 – A Prime PC For Learning Windows 8!

AsusAsus, a known corporation of the computer industry has recently launched a new laptop named Asus VivoBook S400CA- UH51. This is a windows 8 compatible laptop that provides an excellent feel as it has a touch screen. This is the first laptop that shows good windows 8 compatibility at a decent price. The appearance of this laptop is similar to a normal laptop with a 14 inch screen. Continue reading

Samsung Series 7 Slate – Multipractic

Samsung Series 7 SlateSamsung doesn’t seem to stop surprising the users. Last time we were amazed by the Series 9, which by its weight and dimensions shadowed the ultrabook representatives by Asus and Apple. The Korean giant has introduced another innovation the Samsung Series 7 Slate, which we can define as a combination of a tablet and a desktop pc that surpasses greatly the iOS/Android big screen tablets and works in a full Windows environment. Continue reading

Bitviz: A Unique Visualization Tool For Network Traffic and Files



Bitviz is a Java-based visualization tool for network traffic and files. The tool turns bytes into square colors which are then placed in a floating grid to allow structures and patterns to emerge in the data.

The tool currently offers live and static analysis of PCAP data. It can also load any file type and display it. Currently, Bitviz has the following dependencies: jnetpcap, java, winpcap.

Bitviz is compatible with Windows, Linux and Freebd. Currently, it is in a closed beta, but will soon be available to other users as well when it will be launched on June 1st, 2012. Continue reading