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JSLogger – Helping Track Client-side Errors and Graphing Them

JGLoogerThe JSLogger online platform is quite a refreshing change from the earlier Javascript error logs. With the launch of the JSLogger, professionals find it quite easy integrating statistics and logs in their customized application.

The key feature of JSLogger is that it makes it hassle-free for the user to track front-end errors in the Javascript. When using JSLogger, the professional does not feel the need to create API keys or any other extra settings. The website’s servers will automatically identify the referring domain which sends the client’s logs and instantly approve them. Continue reading

Sitestatr – Your Complete Site Analyzer!

Sitestatr - Your Complete Site Analyzer!Sitestatr is an effective website instrument that immediately offers you with a complete estimated value for your online startup or business. Thus, it is a free web analyzer that collects all in detail domain statistics and analyses the complete aggregate amount of your online venture.

The simple funds behind the designing of this site is to help the online business companies estimate the total cost of the domains and analyse the competition amongst its rival web domains. Continue reading

HabitDoc: Get Rid of Your Bad Habits!

HabitDoc LogoDo you want to get rid of your drinking habits? Do you wish to change but you don’t the right way to change? If yes, then here HabitDoc is the right place for you. It is the habit health club with reliable and accurate online resources which make use of cutting edge technology along with scientific psychological ways of self control, self confidence, self help tools and ideas. It provides one to one individual help and guidance for all kinds of lifestyles.

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Quotty: Quotes and Business Proposals!

Quotty LogoWith the advancement in the online tools, starting up a business is easier than before. Anyone and everyone can design a quality websites nowadays. So, it is very important to have a competitive edge over the other competitors. One way to stand out of the line which will separate the trendy from the gaudy is sheer professionalism and an exclusive way to display this is by providing the clients the best quality proposals and sales quotations.

Quotty is an online platform to handle the professional service, an instrument to create small sales quotations and business proposals and efficiently take care of clients activities. Continue reading

Socialite: Stay in Touch With Your Friends!

Socialite LogoInternet navigation through all your social networks is sometimes quite chaotic and time consuming. As a one stop shop, Socialite collects recent feeds from all your favorite social networks which you own and can help you ease your social networking life. The app is available on the iPhone App Store for free. With easy installation and great user interface, the app is truly great for all social networking people. Continue reading

CareerSonar: Find Great Career Opportunities!

CareerSonar LogoWho doesn’t desire to pursue the best career in today’s world? But, it is quite difficult for one to make a choice out so many options available and to select what job prospective will suit him better. CareerSonar help to find the best career options which are hidden under your community and certified networks. A great career discovering platform to help you select an appropriate career for you in your social circle!

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EVNTLIVE: Live Streaming Services!

EVNTLIVE logoEveryone does not have an access to see live shows and concerts. Guess all are not lucky. For those people, EVNTLINE could be a great boon. It is an online concert location which allows you to view high definition concerts, find new artists with great talents and share it all with your friend and family. The site has made a big squelch in a short span of time producing online streams of concerts, few of them are free while other require a virtual ticket purchase for watching.

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HoursTracking: Easy, Convenient One Click Time Training!

HoursTracking LogoAre you tires of maintaining timesheets? Here is a solution for you, HoursTracking is your real time billing, payroll and time tracker especially crafted to make time management easy for everyone present in your organization. With its help, you get the benefit of keeping a track of time along with your work. It helps in easy invoice creation which renders fast and reliable results. The best part is that you get reliable, up to date and accurate minute to minute time tracking info and access whenever you need it.

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MBAProjectSearch: Freelance Projects for MBA Students!

MBAProjectSearchEveryone is aware of the challenges that start-ups face while making a start of their career. Question like where to get a job, what options to choose, how to increase the pay scale are very important in the beginning of anyone’s career. Thus, eventually the most important thing on which you should rely is your talent.

A group of people who are down in working experience are ready to work for less than usual amounts: MBA students. Continue reading