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Skwibl : Get the Perfect Design for Every Occasion!

Skwibl LogoOften you see designers struggling for the perfect client who could give the recognition which they literally deserve. Few get it, a few don’t! Skwibl is a common podium for clients as well as designers to communicate and collaborate on a venture. While working as a designer you enjoy a small project and manage your images and videos. What your client does is spot specific images, videos and places to ease your interaction. The communication is in real time which permits you to be factually and allegorically on the similar page with your customer.

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Quartz Dual SIM Phone Watch – Out Of Bond’s Closet

Quartz Dual SIM Phone WatchThe company Quartz has introduces a new model of a hand watch, which doesn’t shoot deadly arrows and doesn’t have the ability to repel bullets as in the movies, but it has a built in mobile phone with dual SIM card slots and a built in keyboard packed in a clean white casing. This mobile phone/watch will provide something more than a simple watch functions in a combination with the best communication at a really low price.

The Quartz watch comes with a built in keyboard which will make answering and dialing phone calls as easy as it can be.  The phone/watch comes also with a 1.3 inch TFT LCD touch screen that is really intuitive and easy to navigate. Continue reading

Sony Ericsson SmartWatch – What’s the time?

Sony Ericsson SmartWatch

Sony Ericsson SmartWatch

Lately all the phone companies are starting to push on the market additional gadgets that will keep your arms away from the phone while doing your everyday activities, especially if you are jogging or doing your chores and you are not able to take out your phone out of the bag, or pockets. One of these companies- Sony Ericsson has brought us the newest gadget-watch that will allow you to be in track of time as well as everything that is happening on your phone.

Their SmartWatch is a gadget that is a watch but not as a primary function. Except for showing the time it can do a lot more. Continue reading

NOWBOX: Watch YouTube Vidoes like TV



NOWBOX is your personalized TV guide where you can watch the best of YouTube videos on your iPad.

You can simply connect through AirPlay and turn your NOWBOX into a continuous video viewing experience on your TV. You can subscribe to many channels and scroll through the channels. It is just like a TV guide except that it is personalized! You get to watch what you love. Continue reading

Documentary: Watch amazing, well-made documentaries for free



Documentary.net is a place where you can for free (and legally) watch documentaries from around the world.

Those who love to watch documentaries are do not know where they can find amazing documentaries; documentary.net is the place to be. There are thousands of well-made documentaries on Documentary.net which you can instantly watch.

For easy access, documentaries are categorized into animals, arts, children, education, HD, history, music, nature, people, politics, Continue reading