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DecisionDesk: Get Digital Auditions And Screenings



Decision Desk simplifies the process of decision making. This is the next level of applicant track and screening technology.

With Decision Desk, you get to do digital auditions and screenings. You can upload HD video, review more efficiently, eliminate clutter and save time.

Decision Desk knows that the audition process is a pain. It is time-consuming and do not get results as quickly as one wants. Decision Deskk looks to change that with easy upload of audition where applicants can upload all application and audition materials. Continue reading

Visible Measures – Online Video Marketing Platform for Advertisers and Publishers

Visible Measures

Visible Measures

Visible Measures is an online video ad platform that offers many services to advertisers and video creators and publishers. It offers measurement solutions for both the publishers of the video content and the advertisers. The publishers are the creators and hosts of the video while the advertisers are the media companies and advertising agencies.

The tool offers users, which are the publishers and advertisers to measure the video content consumptions and the viral distributions for effective management of the published and advertised video content. The users provided with the online video measurement solutions of the Visible Measures are powered by two mainstream technologies: Viral Reach Database and Video Metrics Engine.

The solutions provided by the tool assist the users in understanding the needs and requirements and habits of their audiences so that users can able to predict the market of their content and also become more inclined to the needs of their important audiences. This would in turn affect their businesses and therefore increase their market share.

There are numerous services provided by Visible Measures. It provides a showcase of important and resourceful tools that include monitor campaign performance, competitive benchmarks, performance measurement, distributions and research. VM also produces easy to use insightful reports to keep track of the market and businesses of the users.

Visible Measures uploads videos of the publishers and the advertisers onto more than 40 different video sharing destinations in matters of a single click. In turn, it provides you with control over your brand placement. Also, it gives you clear and complete visibility into your viral video placements and measures audience growth by tracking across hundreds of video sharing destinations. It keeps the data of your videos, including every stream, every day and preserves the interaction of the every audience with every video that you have placed.