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Twitter Wants to Put Advertisements in Other Companies Applications !

twitterTwitter isn’t really growing as quickly as it used to, so it cannot just depend on a horde of new social networks to inflate its bank account. Just what’s it going to do, then? Sell advertisements elsewhere, obviously. Sources for the Wall Street Journal claim that Twitter is planning to offer advertisements for the tweet feeds you view in other firms’ applications and also web-sites, sharing the money it makes with its partners. It’s not certain which’s on-board with the idea. Twitter supposedly cited both ESPN and also Flipboard as examples during a presentation at CES, yet a WSJ tipster says that there’s no official deal with ESPN right now. Continue reading

Twitter’s App-Scanning is The Price You Pay for Complimentary !

TwitterTwitter announced but one more method it would like to try to make us dislike it greater than Facebook this week, revealing a plan to make the mobile app much more invasive than ever.

From the company that brought you Scan & Upload My Address Book we now have a strange app-monitoring system that promises to rifle through our mobiles to see what applications we’ve got on them, then serve us stuff related to our application collections. Continue reading

Twitter Makes Every Public Tweet Searchable !

twitterRemember your 1st tweet? Neither do I, yet it was possibly something along the lines of ‘First Tweet,’ or an equally terrible 1st impression. Twitter has actually been working with a method to permit you sift through every 140-character message sent publicly over its social media network & now short e full backlog of short messages is ready for your inquiries. To make this possible, the company had to scale its tools – like the real-time index – during a multi-year project, accommodating not only the alreadying existing library, yet properly sorting the billions added each week. Of course, this is a gold mine for businesses, sports teams and also others that wish to see what audiences were discussing at any given time. Continue reading

Twitter’s Doing Well Now, Yet its Growth Days Could be Numbered !

TwitterBy all accounts, Twitter’s doing what it’s expected to – coaxing additional people into using its high-speed social snark service.. just maybe not as fast as some would like. Baseding on Twitter’s third quarter financials – in which the company fulfilled or surpassed the majority of milestones Commercial types were expecting – 13 million people started using the service over the previous 3 months, bringing the total to a whopping 284 million monthly active users. Not also shabby, right? That’s up very substantial over in 2013, also. The possibly unshaven issue is that Twitter got 16 million people onboard last time it fell numbers, and 14 million the time before that. Two that with the simple fact that Twitter anticipates to bring in somewhat less money next quarter than analysts expected, and also you’ve got greater than a few people concerned that Twitter’s growth is winding down. Continue reading

Unable to Find a Suitor, Twitpic is Closing Down on October 25th !

twitpicIt looked like Twitpic would certainly live on after a trademark spat with Twitter. Last month, the photo-sharing service announced that it was closing down, then that it had actually been obtained. It appears that whatever offer was on the table went southern as the service is really absolutely shutting down on October 25th. Creator Noah Everett required to the company’s blog site to announce its supreme fate, stating that ‘Agreeable terms can not be complied with’ after sifting via ‘A handful of potential acquirers.’ Everett additionally said that while the announcement that Twitpic would stay energetic was untimely, the company felt that is was essential to permit its customers know it would go on trucking as soon as it could. If you should grab your images, you could get information on exporting data and also snapshots here.

Want to Know Who Reads Your Tweets? Twitter’s Analytics Dashboard Reveals All!

logTwitter no more longer just favors validated customers: beginning today, any person can track tweets.

Twitter presented an analytics feature last month, but it limited the feature to anybody with a blue check on their profile. But now the business has opened up the feature to everybody. In other words, if you would like to know exactly how your tweets are performing, merely have a look at the brand-new Activity Dashboard. Continue reading

Twitter and Stripe Could Launch ‘BUY’ Button This Year, So You Can Shop From Tweets!

Twitter-shoppingTwitter has been working with Stripe to kick off an eCommerce effort, it’s claimed. Since Twitter is a public company, it needs to boost revenue and  keep shareholders happy. That said, ever since last winter season, reports have actually asserted the company is thinking of tackling eCommerce. A lot more specifically, Twitter wants to allow users purchase products straight from tweets.

Twitter was obviously near authorizing a manage payments Start-up Stripe in January. It now shows up a deal in between the two firms has actually ultimately been struck, base ding on tech information blog Recode. Continue reading

Twitter Latest Experiment Tries Sharing Your Favorites Tweets With Others!

twitterHave you recently saw people commenting on your Twitter favorites, even when you didn’t (intentionally) share them with the remainder of the world? You’re not alone. The social media network has actually started putting your faves and following activity in your followers’ timelines, whether you’re mentioned – if you truly like a short article, others could know right away. It’s not clear whether this is an experiment or a permanent feature, and we’ve communicated to Twitter for the complete revelation. Continue reading

Twitter Shopping Coming Soon? “Buy Now” Buttons Seen In The Wild!

Twitter-shoppingIt appears like Twitter’s leaked “Buy Now” button is more than simply a proposal, nevertheless. Recode has identified the button (since yanked) lurking in tweets seen from the mobile app, attracting people into making impulse purchases when browsing their social feeds. While the shopping link was frequently broken, one tipster reports obtaining a check out page in-app, obviously, it would not take long to get whatever recorded your attention. Neither Twitter nor its project partner, Fancy.com, are discussing the unintended leakage or their future goals. Continue reading

Twitter Now Lets You Share Gifs on The Web, Android and iOS!

GifThe company announced that GIFs, the animated pictures on continuous loop, can now be shared and seen on Twitter’s Apple iPhone, Android and Wed versions.

GIFs will certainly now appear in your timeline with a play button, like other video clip content. You can upload GIFs via the gallery button under the text box in similarly you upload a photo.

Twitter users cannot share video on Twitter unless it’s shared through Vine, so GIFs are the first video-type content available to regular users (non-advertisers). Users might previously share GIFs to the service via Twitpic, but the new GIF support feature seems to have removed Twitpic’s full capability with Twitter.com.