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Twitter’s Periscope for iOS Update With New Feature Mute Notifications

Periscope for iOSTwitter Periscope has actually pushed out an update for its iOS application, and amongst the modifications is the capacity to mute people you are following. You’ll still have the ability to see their feeds if you would certainly like, and you’ll still be following them, but if they broadcast too often you can ‘MUTE’ their notifications (turn off obtaining them), so that push notifications from those people become a thing of the past. This is version 1.1.3, and also it is offered since last day from the Apple App Store.

The updated is corresponds to muting someone in Twitter – if a person tweets too often, you could mute them while staying a follower. Continue reading

Twitter Will Now Autoplay Video Clips on iOS Apps and the Web Default

Twitter Will Now Autoplay Video ClipsTwitter has started testing autoplay videos in their feed in iPhone, iPad Apps, Causing native videos, Vines, and GIFs to play automatically in the Twitter stream for an improved video-watching experience.

According to Twitter’s Senior Product Manager David Regan, yesterday marks the arrival of autoplay for GIFs, Vines, and native videos on the service. This is said to be more streamlined than past viewing, and it is rolling out to Twitter’s iOS users and Web users first. Those on Android will see it ‘soon’. Continue reading

Twitter Eliminating The 140 Character Limit From Direct Messages Next Month

Twitter removing the 140 character limit from MDsTwitter announced that it will be removing the 140 character limit from its Direct Message feature next month. Now they will certainly be restricted to 10,000 characters.

Twitter’s Sachin Agarwal Product Manager informed developers of the news in advance of the change, which will certainly be rolled out to users in July. There is no official date for the change.

The move doesn’t remove Twitter’s style choice of constraining tweets to 140 characters – just direct messages. ‘It’s a lovely constraint that has actually inspired a whole new kind of writing,’ Twitter investor Chris Sacca wrote in a lengthy Article post previously this month concerning exactly what Twitter can do to improve. Continue reading

Twitter Now Allows You to Share and also Import Block Lists for Better Personal Privacy

Twitter Now Allows You to Share and also Import Block ListsAnyone can use twitter.com which makings it equal part remarkable and horrible for some users. To assist put down some of the lot more annoying voices on the social network, twitter.com has tools to block and mute these users, but that’s not quite enough to get the job done, which is why the social media platform is introducing shared block lists today.

The list can now export and share your block-lists with people in your community frontal same issues or import any user’s list into your account and block multiple accounts all at once, instead of blocking them separately. Continue reading

Periscope – Twitter Finally Launches Live Video-Streaming App Periscope for Android

Live Video-Streaming App Periscope for AndroidTwitter has finally launched its live-streaming application “Periscope” on Android, 2 months after the application was released on iOS. You can download it from the Google Play Store if your phone’s running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher.

The company lunched the application in late March, with 1 million signups in the first 10 days. But just iOS users could register, with everybody else being forced to see on the web, where users can not comment or register for feeds. Because Periscope was launched 2 months ago, it has been used to films information events in addition to scheduled events including those revealing writer’s working spaces & live talks with celebrities consisting of Rory McIlroy and also Nicola Sturgeon. Continue reading

Twitter Changes Direct Messages Setups, Now Allows Anyone Contact You.

Twitter Direct MessagesGetting Direct Messages via Twitter isn’t really comparable to a standalone conversation client, yet it’s a handy feature when you just should have a fast conversation with a contact. Today, Twitter is providing users a little bit  more control, and also once again permitting Direct Messages from anyone (if you decide in, obviously). Similarly, accounts you follow can now Direct Message you. While that sounds a little bit sketchy, Twitter is a rather profound customer service platform in addition to giving newsworthy content in 140 characters. Continue reading

Twitter Inc Rolls Out a New Cleaner Homepage for People Which Aren’t Signed in.

Twitter New Cleaner HomepageThere was the rumors going on for the new style of micro-blogging website Twitter, and the company ultimately Rolls Out the new clean & transparent look of twitter.

Recently company revealed a new web page which will certainly have all the content feeds, and this is specially for those users which had not logged in type long period of time or really did not have account, however still want to know just what’s happening. From the start, you’ll see a list of subjects such as Pop Artists, Tech Blogs & Reporters, Actor & Actresses, TV Shows &Stars (of course) and also others. Users could click any one of the topics from the above list and also obtain all the real-time updates without log into the accounts. Continue reading

Twitter Revamps Quote Tweet Feature for Apple iPhone and Web.

Twitter Revamps Quote Tweet Feature for Apple iPhone and Web.Twitter revealed today that it’s revamping its look with new means to quote tweets. Now, instead of quoting tweets using a link or direct text, whenever you quote a tweet it will certainly embed the actual tweet inside your own. Twitter might be hoping this includes in its ability as a spreader of viral material. Rather than an ordinary plain link, the embedded image makes it easy to see just what the fuss is about, and also a new quote tweet button will make it also simpler to share amusing content with your followers.

It’s also a sort of tricky means around the original 140-character restriction since the new ‘Quote Tweet‘ feature allows you to bring in 119 personalities in your remark to any type of priced quote tweet. Continue reading

Twitter Launches Periscope Live Video Streaming Application to Rival Meerkat ..

Periscope live streamingLive-streaming yourself is the new way to involve on social media sites thanks to applications like Meerkat. But while that was made in 8 weeks Twitter’s persicope has actually been a year coming & its quality needs to reflect that.

The periscope application is out now for iOS with an Android version coming soon – streams can be viewed from browsers by any person.

The reason periscope is amazing, other than being Twitter backed, is that it permits replays. Meerkat just streams live and also if you miss that you may connect end up following a dead link. Replays make live-streaming a social media that could be browsed. Continue reading

Twitter Companions With Foursquare for Location Tagging in Tweets

Location Tagging in TweetsTwitter wishes to know where you are. The social networks company has tied up with Foursquare so your tweets can carry your specific location. Twitter was currently picking up on your whereabouts, yet its internally tagging ability has been limited to data factors from GPS, wireless networks and mobile tower signals. The update permits Twitter to tap into Foursquare’s large location database so you will easily pinpoint your specific place in a tweet.

The update makes Twitter more lucrative to brands that thrive on location-based user actions. According to the support site, the tweet will certainly consist of specifics like ‘The coordinates of the street intersection where you Tweeted’ together with the location label chosen. Continue reading