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MediaGuestConnect: A Meeting Place for Media Organizations and Talents

MediaGuestConnectIf you dream of sharing your stories in a wider audience but don’t have any idea as to how you might accomplish that, then Media Guest Connect might be the perfect solution. It may just be your stepping stone to be seen or heard. Media Guest Connect (MGC) is an online platform where media organizations and guests connect with one another. MGC provides a convenient place to meet for all the interested parties. It offers a broad, accessible community with great potential for expanding audiences. Continue reading

Philips 46PFL9707 – TV Of The Year

Philips 46PFL9707Philips over the years has introduced a lot of new technologies to the TV market. Now on IFA they introduced their flagship TV 46PFL9707, which includes their own technology that makes the 3D be flicker-free via an active shutter. Even though Philips incorporates passive 3D in the lower end TV’s, their high end TV’s use active shutter technology in their 3D glasses. The passive ones are flicker free, but the active provide maximum clarity. On this TV, with their new technology, this shouldn’t be a problem. Continue reading

Userlytics: Get Informative Customer Feedbacks



If you want to get customer feedbacks quickly, then you should give Userlytics a try. This service has a unique way of observing customer’s user experience. It does it by incentivizing participants to complete critical tasks while recording themselves using their own webcams and on- screen activity.

Through its Video- in- Video (ViV), you can capture the participant’s facial expressions and emotions, comments and thoughts as they explain their impressions. This is done while capturing their entire desktop screen activity. Continue reading

LG EM9600 – Even Thinner Than Your Mobile Phone

LG EM9600

LG EM9600

The Korean electronic company LG designed the thinnest TV set in the world. They introduce this TV set on this year’s CES fair in Las Vegas.

What’s so revolutionary about this product- it’s the world’s biggest TV screen and at the same time the thinnest- it has 55’’ OLED screen, which measures only 4 mm. of thickness.

Finally, the LCD and the Plasma technology met their successor. The screen uses the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology, which allows the TV to have a sharper and clearer picture. Continue reading

Twitter Promotes Its Hashtag Pages Through TV

Twitter’s first TV commercial arrived on Sunday when it had its first ever TV spot. It was during the broadcast of the 2012 Pocono 400 NASCAR race.

The first commercial spot of Twitter was soon tweeted by its users. The 16 second clip showed NASCAR racer Bard Keselowski seated in his sports car and taking a picture with his iPhone. That is to show that he is taking pictures from his iPhone and uploading them directly to Twitter. The racer is an active user of Twitter.

The background of why Keselowski was chosen is that he was in the news in February when he tweeted and uploaded pictures to Twitter of the explosion and fire on a NASCAR track. Continue reading

Libratone Lounge- AirPlay Soundbar



Directly from Denmark comes the new Libratone Lounge which is an AirPlay- friendly streaming system which has a double usage also as a minimalistic stylish TV soundbar.

The minimalistic design doesn’t mean that the soundbar is small, in the contrary the bar has some impressive dimensions (100x 22x 12 cm) and weighs 12kg taking a bit of space. The massive size is quite justified with the extremely good look and quality. It has minimalistic lacquered edges and almost all of it is covered with Italian wool that can be in different colors of your choosing, from gray, red, green, beige to black. Continue reading

Tiwiii: Discover & Share Television Programs



Tiwiii is a simple T.V. show discovery platform that allows you to share what you watch with your friends while keeping up-to-date with the shows you are currently watching.

On Tiwiii you can view your favourite television show information, and share your favourites and watching habits with your friends. You can share what you watch or favourite shows by creating respective lists.

Tiwiii allows you to know the dates when the next episode of the shows you are currently watching will be telecast. Continue reading

NOWBOX: Watch YouTube Vidoes like TV



NOWBOX is your personalized TV guide where you can watch the best of YouTube videos on your iPad.

You can simply connect through AirPlay and turn your NOWBOX into a continuous video viewing experience on your TV. You can subscribe to many channels and scroll through the channels. It is just like a TV guide except that it is personalized! You get to watch what you love. Continue reading

WhatsNextUp: Find Personalized Entertainment at a Single Website



WhatsNextUp is a great place to find all kinds of entertainment- music, movies, T.V. episodes, games, sports or books.

When we want to relax a bit after hard work, we look for something entertaining to do or watch. Although there are a score of things you could do, like watch television or play a game, sometimes we just cannot find the perfect entertainment according to your mood at the moment. WhatsNextUp is a service that can solve this problem because here you will find personalized entertainment that is suited to your taste. Continue reading

Viki, an entertainment site, rises $20M in Series B funding



Viki, an international video site for the best of world TV and movies, has raised $20 million is Series B funding. Major investors are SK Planet and BBC Worldwide along with existing investors namely Greylock Partners, Charles River Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Neoteny Labs and others.

SK Planet’s EVP, Greg Park, will join Viki’s board in combination with the funding.

The company said it will use the funds to expand their service onto multiple platforms, to develop new products for the market, to hire experts and also to get more content partnership.

Viki is a popular website, especially with the youth. It has already been translated into over 150 languages by a community of their fans. They have over one million videos viewed and 125 millions words translated.

The specialty of Viki is that it not only brings entertainment (movies and TV) to online audiences, but also unlocks new markets for content owners. BBC Worldwide has licensed 30 plus popular TV series to Viki.

Viki encourages users to translated their content because of their mission of bringing entertainment from across borders, when, where and how people want it, in their own language.

Viki was publicly launched in Dec 2010. It is led by co-founder and CEO Razmig Hovaghimian. It was born as a joint class project in graduate schools, but soon grew into a popular website for entertainment, viewed by millions. Their team members come from different countries, bringing in diversity into Viki, which they believe is one of their strengths.