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Asus Transformer Book TX300 – A Notebook Cum Tablet With A Sophisticated Design!

Asus Transformer BookThe best part about windows 8 is that it has allowed the giant corporations of the computer industry to manufacture the hybrid designs of laptops and tablets. These hybrid designs are gaining a huge popularity among consumers worldwide and sensing this, Asus has come with Transformer Book TX300 with a detachable display. This notebook cum tablet has been provided with a 13.3 inch screen along with an Intel Core i7 processor with a RAM of 4 GB and SSD of 128 GB. Continue reading

Rikomagic – Ruminants Of The Past

RikomagicThe year 2009 was very interesting for the hardware developers. The coming out of small, ultra-portable notebook computers, known by the name netbook, has opened a new chapter in the development of mobile computers. Even though they are slow for today’s standards, they are still usable for the task that they were made for. The Atom processors were behind time, even at the time they came out. That’s why the manufacturers gave up this approach and went into production of ultrabook computers, which kept their dimensions, but brought with them a bigger punch, with the much stronger hardware. Continue reading

Asus Zenbook Prime – Second Time Around

Asus Zenbook

Asus Zenbook

Asus has hit the mark with their Zenbook ultrabooks and after the main shock the shimmers continued and now they are going to shimmer again with Asus refreshed Zenbook. Considering that the first ultrabooks were ok, but they did not hit the mark totally, this time Asus wants to correct all of the previous mistakes made, with the Zenbook Prime. The first time they made it almost perfect. It had perfect body, it was portable, but on the other side it had a bad keyboard, not so good display and touchpad. Continue reading

MaKey MaKey – Convert Your Things Into A Touchpad

MaKey MaKey

This awesome idea comes from the fact that the human body can be used in the circuit building and to put its conductivity into use. Plus, to add some fun in it.

Developers Jay Silver and Eric RosenBaum took the touch interaction to a higher level, more practical and more entertaining. The conductivity idea, inspired from a lie- detectors clips and wires, turned out that can convert everyday objects into computer controls, keys and buttons, even a touchpad.

MaKey MaKey USB electronic circuit board is connected to the objects with six wires, with crocodile clips on the both ends. Continue reading

Rii Mini II (RT-MWK-03) – Mini Keyboard For The Ultimate Lunging Experience

Rii Mini II

Rii Mini II

Keyboards from the company Riitek, have been seen before. Until now there has been a keyboard on the market that was made in a Bluetooth and radio variation and it holds the name Rii Mini. Now we are going to review its newer version that made its way on the market and it’s called Rii Mini II.

Mini II is a combination of a small keyboard and a small touchpad, which communicates with the computer via a wireless radio network. When compared with its predecessor, it doesn’t have a laser pointer and the configuration of the whole device is changed, putting the touchpad in the middle, splitting the keyboard in two halves.  With this the keyboard is much easier to use with both hands, using even the thumbs. Continue reading

Logitech Wireless Touchpad -Touch From A Far

Logitech Wireless Touchpad

Logitech Wireless Touchpad

Multi-touch slowly and shamefully is coming on to the windows platform, which is still not well adjusted for this kind of interaction (Windows 8 will be), but on the market there are already some devices which will give you the multi-touch experience on the windows platforms that are here at the moment.

Logitech Wireless Touchpad is one of those devices that also support multi-touch. Primarily it is a touch pad as the name suggests, and for those users which don’t use the multi-touch that often, won’t find a great usage of this device. Continue reading

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga-ultrabook tablet convertible

Lenovo IdeaPad

Lenovo IdeaPad

Lenovo is trying to find its way in the new and changing times where tablets are overcoming the not so everlasting laptop, netbook computers. To do so they are introducing something that you can say that is a hybrid solution that combines the tablet and an ultrabook computer all in one.

Their IdeaPad Yoga is a concept based on their vision that an ultrabook can still be up to date with current technologies and still be competitive with all of the touch technologies and gadgets. So to fuse those two different types of gadgets they implemented their concept of hinges that enable the ultrabook to open up 360° degrees and they implemented a touch screen on the regular ultrabook. Continue reading