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Mangoapps: Brings Combined Solutions for Mid-Marketers

MangoappsMangoapps is a unique website that is currently used by 7,500 plus companies across the globe. Mangoapps seamlessly combines Team Collaboration Tools, Social Networking as well as Intranet Pages into a single breakthrough product.

Ever since Mangoapps was launched, it has revolutionized File Sharing, Collaboration and Communication. With Mangoapps, you are forever in control of your online presence. Using this website, you can easily customize your website’s user interface like the Projects, Groups as well as the Dashboard. Continue reading

OnlineInvoices – What Does It Offer To Businesses Easily and Quickly

OnlineInvoiceWhen looking to create a good impression on your clients, there are various strategies you can adopt. It is not always necessary to invest in high-investment strategies to carve a favorable image. Most businesses are not aware of the fact that even with their shipment invoices, they send out a sublime message of their company’s brand identity and reputation to their clients.

Having realized the importance of creating presentable invoices, many businesses now outsource invoice design and development work to various third-party agents. Continue reading

Skillmeter – Helping Recruiters Measure Incumbent’s Skills Accurately

SkillmeterWhen it comes to hiring a new recruit for any profile at work, HR professionals face a tedious task of screening the candidates based on their skills and talents. Guessing candidate skills is a perplexing task and one cannot get it right at all times. Even if you are a business owner, you certainly know how important it is look for hire the best brains in the industry. Most business owners resort to common practices like computer tests or written tests before conducting the crucial face to face interview. However, few HR professionals are aware that exists a professionally built test platform that can help to hire better candidates, without wasting a lot of time in the recruitment process. Continue reading

Sitestatr – Your Complete Site Analyzer!

Sitestatr - Your Complete Site Analyzer!Sitestatr is an effective website instrument that immediately offers you with a complete estimated value for your online startup or business. Thus, it is a free web analyzer that collects all in detail domain statistics and analyses the complete aggregate amount of your online venture.

The simple funds behind the designing of this site is to help the online business companies estimate the total cost of the domains and analyse the competition amongst its rival web domains. Continue reading

Lenstagram: Add Beautiful Colours To Your Eyes!

Lenstagram LogoThe internet is a remarkable thing which brings amazing changes in our day to day lives, and we often love these changes as and when they come in our life. A small contribution is made by Lenstagram to add brightness and colours to your life. Yes, it is an amusing tool with a simple goal to allow users to try their pictures with different coloured contact lenses in an innovative manner. Continue reading

Crowdbabble: Easy Social Media Professional Reports!

Crowdbabble LogoThinking of becoming one of the best Social Media Analytics on the internet? Do you feel the need of making professional reports for your business? If yes, then here is a solution for you. Crowdbabble helps you to become a Social Media Analytics professional with the help of online and downloadable professional results.  Hence, in order to find the best social media business analytics, the site renders great help by means of professional reports.

Continue reading

Appsta: The App Hub

AppstaIt surely can be frustrating to look for the desired mobile app across umpteen websites where the cases of the app being a spam are high. But even that does not stop us from throwing our android and windows phones into jeopardy. Thus, a common hub of apps was the need of the hour and this is where Appsta comes into picture.

The platform of Appsta covers virtually all sorts of applications that have ever been made by developers and acts as a hub where the applications have been divided into various categories on the basis of their functionality. Continue reading

Tweepwise: Attract Targeted Twitter Followers

TweepwiseIt is a fact commonly acknowledged that Twitter is a powerful tool to improve your business. However, it is not about how many followers you have, but how significant those followers to your business’s growth. That is to say, quality is better than quantity. So the question follows: How do you get quality followers. Tweepwise is a good place to start. Continue reading

Prezi: Communication Tool for Presentations

PreziPrezi is an application that allows you to design presentations online. It is a unique flash- based app that innovates the way you make presentation. In other words, you don’t have to worry about creating individual slides. With Prezi, you can make linear presentations and simply zoom in and a map that contains all of your presentation is shown. It is quite similar to pptPlex which also presents a type of functionality in PowerPoint. Continue reading

Responsa: Interactive FAQ Widget

ResponsaCurrently, Responsa launched its interactive FAQ tool to help companies answer questions from customers through an embedded widget. Succeeding a private beta testing, the platform is now available internationally to companies who want to integrate a Q&A hub to their website.

The Responsa widget can be added into any website or blog by simply adding a few lines of code, and lets visitors to address their questions to companies in a more interactive discussion format. Continue reading