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Swebbo – Social Bookmarking Platform

Swebbo is a sensible social bookmarking platform that comes with some unique and exclusive features to tick, save and share your favorite bookmarks. Like Delicious and Digg it provides tagging facility and it also supports login via Facebook and Twitter account so you don’t have to register for a new account here.

Swebbo provides you functionality for securely saving your web bookmarks with tags, have sharing with friends and as well to see other people’s favorite web bookmarks when they share with you. Swebbo is not only providing the tag facility but also giving you an opportunity to find out what’s happening with Swebbo’s popular tags. Moreover it also allows you to see member list and their interesting bookmarks with tagged. In addition Swebbo lets you to see top tag list that you can imagine the web trend and inclination of various people around the world.  Another interesting feature is that you can follow a member of Swebbo as well as a member rating suggesting you which member to follow.  Secondly it is also offering searching facility in definite location. Finally using Swebbo you can see who is top followed, which link is most viewed, which is most ticked and who recently joined.

Some exclusive features of Swebbo are:

  • Accessing to all your bookmarks from anywhere, such office, home or other places
  • Sharing your provocative bookmarks with your friends as well as interesting bookmarks when they share with you.
  • Having tag facility and also view Top Tags
  • Adding favorite bookmarks in Like list as well as express your view and thought by adding a comment on the bookmarks.

Accessing to bookmarks from anywhere is very crucial and sometime it will save you from wasting of time in searching the desired link or website. Swebbo is integrated not to save your link but also giving many others interesting features.