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GiftHit: Send Gifts Friends through Facebook, Email, or SMS

GiftHitA website and Facebook app called GiftHit is a fun way to send friends fun, personal gifts from local hangouts instantly through Facebook, email, or text. Sending gift cards to friends is actually a good idea but giving them that plus a real beer via a wallpost is way cooler.

The gifts you can give can range from late night wings, mani-pedis, and concert tickets to your friends by Facebook wall post, email, or text. “It’s the best way to say hi, happy birthday; sorry I stole your boyfriend, congrats, and just about anything.” Continue reading

The South View: Well-Defined Travel Videos

The South View“Text and photographs cannot adequately convey the sights and sounds of Latin America in promoting travel. Streaming video is an essential tool for travel companies and it’s the best medium to show your product.” – Richard Szkiler

And based on that premise, Richard Szkiler founded The View South, a service that produces adventure travel videos for travel companies in South America. This video production service is a concept that began in the understanding that majority of the travel operators is in need of video on their website.  Continue reading

Rewindy: Visual Story- Sharing Service

RewindyAn interesting story often starts by painting the scene, by introducing things like places or people. If you’re successful, people will be engaged by it. Rewindy does exactly that. It basically allows you to share stories with friends. And as people are interested in remembering stories, Rewindy complements the story with photos so it seems like you’re sharing it face to face. At Rewindy, you can create and share a memorable story with a few friends, only in minutes and rewind to your life’s special moments.

Rewindy is a visual story sharing service. A visual story is a powerful combination of photos and text in a beautiful format. Continue reading

Stypi: Freedom To Write, Share Documents With Multiple Users



Stypi is a real-time editor that allows multiple users to make changes to a single document at the same time. It is so simple to use Stypi that anybody can do it. All you need is to share the URL of your document with others and start collaborating on the document.

That is excellent for anybody who requires collaboration in writing and editing. This editor supports programming languages that you can access by clicking on a button.

There are many benefits of creating an account on Stypi. You can easily track and organize all the documents you create with a Stypi filetree. You can also customize the link you use to share and access advanced privacy features. Continue reading

PinAQuote: Share Quotes On Pinterest



Pin A Quote is a way to highlight any text and pin it to Pinterest. Sounds tempting? It is.

If you are a fan of Pinterest, you will love Pin A Quote. Now, you can simply select any text from any website and share it on Pinterest.

The tool allows you to highlight text on any website and create an image out of it for sharing on Pinterest or other social networks. After you have highlighted the text, you just need to click the ‘Pin A Quote’ bookmarklet and add in who said the quote. An image has been created from your text and you can now share it on Pinterest or whichever social network you want to share it on. Continue reading

Hopper: Save Contents on the Web



At this time, saving and retrieving file contents and other online information is not new in the web. A lot of services like Citelighter, which allows you to highlight web content and have them all indexed, are made readily available to everyone. This is because they are powerful, flexible, and helpful. At present, a relatively new application takes form to make data retrieval much easier. It’s called Hopper.

Hopper lets you save files such as texts, images, and links by the simple process of copying and pasting (using Ctrl + V), or by simply dragging it into the webpage. Continue reading

AnyMeeting: Free Simple and Excellent Web Conferencing



AnyMeeting is a platform where you get free, class web conferencing that competes with the best paid services available.

With AnyMeeting, you can hold large or small meetings of sizes up to 200 participants. You can also hold a large webinar or a small collaborative online meeting.

To add participants, you simply need to enter the emails of the participants and they will be sent a link to join your webinar along with the details to join such as time, data and other instructions. Continue reading

Careverge: Find Personalized Health Recommendations & More



Careverge is your resource for personalized health recommendations and living healthier. It helps you to be an active participant in your health by applying the things you love about social networking and online gaming, and connected it to healthcare.

Your complete health picture brings all of your recommended articles and discussions, experts, tools, reminders and updates into one location. To receive personalized health overview in minutes, you just need to create an account on Careverge.

It is your one location to safely and securely store all your private health information and hook up your fitness and health devices so that your Continue reading

Whispero: Share Your Secrets Anonymously



Imagine if you can connect with people without having to reveal any kind of personal information. Imagine if you can send messages without having to disclose your contact details at all. Will that possibility give you the openness to say things you normally won’t say to anybody if it were on a site like Facebook?

I guess you just have to discover it yourself since a site like Whispero is on the works now. Essentially, Whispero lets you talk to other people without making them know your identity. You can simply interact with them anonymously. Continue reading

TheFancy: Find All Things You Fancy At One Place



The Fancy is a collection of beautiful things. It is where you can discover great things from any and all genres. Fancy is a store, a blog, a magazine and a wish list for everything beautiful.

On The Fancy, you can share your favourite brands and stores, and share your discoveries with your friends and contacts. As its name suggest, The Fancy is what you fancy about. It can be a car, a room, a person, a place, a bag, a hairstyle, a piece of clothing or anything else that you dream about. Continue reading