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Seagate Launches World’s First 8TB Hard Disk!

8tbThe first 8TB hard drives around were sent to early-bird buyers today, data storage space company Seagate confirmed. The drives have the largest storage area of any kind of single hard-disk drive on the marketplace.

The demand for a much more reliable hard drive corresponds with the rising amount of data being developed, shared and also saved. The target of the 8TB drive is to supply these needs while also keeping customer expenses low. Continue reading

Samsung Pointers Up Its App Game With “Galaxy Apps” Rebrand!

Samsung_Apps StoreWatch out, Google. Samsung is pushing a brand-new Android application store, and it’s not Google Play.

The Korean-based firm revealed Galaxy Application, a new and rebranded variation of its application store on Friday in a noticeable try to challenge Google’s dominant Play Store.

The company says the new Galaxy Applications, recently known as Samsung Apps, will certainly provide users modification alternatives, discount rates and various other advertisings not readily available in the Play Store. Continue reading

Twitter # MUSIC is Dead Officially!

#musicMonths after the firm quit energetic development on the app, Twitter #MUSIC is being drawn from the Application Establishment today, the company claimed in a tweet. The app, which tried to utilize conversations around music and artists on Twitter to create a new method to discover music, failed to peel audiences far from the many contending music applications on the market. The app will discontinue functioning for existing individuals on April 18th, the firm claimed. Continue reading

Lenovo Smartphones Designed by Actor Ashton Kutcher are Coming This Year!

lenovo-kutcherAshton Kutcher is assisting Lenovo style a line of special edition smartphones. According to Lenovo executive David Roman, Kutcher’s part in shaping the firm’s equipment is really real. He insisted that Lenovo’s partnership with Kutcher stands for far even more compared to a publicity grab.

Roman claimed that Kutcher’s key concentration has actually revolved around user encounter on the approaching phones. Continue reading

Petition Against Passwords : Where Are They Now?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Petition Against Passwords, the group that formed this summer with the goal of garnering support for a password-less internet. However, it may be time to bring them back into the spotlight.

Ars Technica recently ran an article detailing how password crackers are now cracking once-unbreachable passwords — the long strings of memorable phrases such as “givemelibertyorgivemedeath” — by simply uploading the internet’s vast data on song lyrics, movie quotes, and historical texts into its database. Password security researcher Kevin Young simply uploaded the entirety of Wikipedia into his password cracker, making formerly-secure, non-dictionary-word passwords, such as “crotalus atrox,” fall in seconds. Continue reading

Manofmany.com – Welcome To The Man’s World!

ManofmanyThe man of today is more conscious than ever about his looks and lifestyle. He has broken that image of a man who did not have any demands for himself, would wear anything he could buy in haste and sacrificed his money only on his family. Today’s man is more hardworking, has more purchasing power and loves to spend on himself. He loves to splurge on himself, the best of all worlds. Gone are the days when the Internet was flooded with websites that suggested beauty products for women and gave fashion advice for only women. These days, there are websites that help the heterosexual men of today to choose the best for them. Continue reading

SuckMyTrend: Be Posted on the Latest Trends

SuckMyTrendWhat if there’s a service that allows you to be posted on all the latest trends in one place? That’s exactly what Suck My Trend is aiming to do. This UK- based startup takes a look at the latest and the greatest trends on the internet and roll them all together in one place. It focuses on social trends and hot internet searches. It is truly a unique way to be in the now. And in just 4 months, over 600,000 people have visited the site. Continue reading