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Tweetdeck Finally Lets You Share Accounts Without Sharing Passwords !

tweetdeckPreviously, if you wanted to share Twitter log-in credentials with participants of your team, it implied sharing a password. Thanks to TweetDeck, you no more need to use the very same information. The 140-character social media network now provides TweetDeck Teams for its preferred application: a device that permits teams to employ the same account with admin & contributor roles. When you should bring in a colleague to the social work, all you have to do is authorize that people, and once they approve the invite, they’ll excel to go. As you might expect, access to could be revoked at any time by the admin, and also those people have command over the password. Continue reading

BragStats: Social Networking for Athletes

BragStatsBragStats is an innovative and a fun new social networking and website portal for any athlete of any age to record stats, athletic, and academic info, upload sports pictures and videos, and stay connected with fans and family and share their sports’ accomplishments!

It is a network that comprises athletes, teams, coaches, fans, and families. It allows all members to make free personalized profiles and connect with peers and families. So if you are an athlete, a parent, or simply a sport enthusiast, you can make one personalized sports profile. Continue reading

GameChanger: Scorekeeping for Teams

GameChangerNow, you’ll never miss a game you’ll love. GameChanger offers you a service that allows you to collect, manage, and distribute live streaming game data for youth, high school, and college sports. With its mobile apps and web tools, it is gradually changing the way amateur sports team to get up- to- date stats. Basically, GameChanger gives you a scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream, and recap stories to everyone.

In every game, the Gamechanger online tools will deliver a play- by- play GameStream to the web browsers and mobile phone users, or to real- time scoreboard widgets hosted on the website of local news outlets, leagues, tournaments, travel teams and school. Continue reading

LockerDome Is For Athletes What LinkedIn Is For Professionals



LockerDome is a platform for athletes, scouts, parents and fans where they can create a public scrapbook of their sports life.

You can also follow and connect with your favourite athletes and teams. In less than a minute you can launch a good-looking and customizable website for your club or high-school sports program. Your website is also your own sports social network where athletes can create profiles, upload media and gain national exposure. Continue reading

Rate Your Player: A Forum and Social Network for Football Lovers

Rate Your Player

Rate Your Player

All soccer fans have now a site dedicated for all of them. It is called Rateyourplayer.com. As soccer has now become a world phenomenon, and might as well be the most popular sport played in the world, it is just right to preserve those legendary episodes and pass on to the future generations.

While it is surely fun to play or watch the game by fans, having a get together with friends and commenting with friends who share the same passion is also very fun. A game such as soccer can fascinate its fans like no other, and one legendary Continue reading