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Practutor: Adaptive Learning Platform

PractutorPractutor  is an adaptive learning platform to help students excel in Math and English. Basically, Practutor is established to focus on the students. Since most students find it difficult to love these subjects, Practutor aims to solve this challenge and make students be more enthusiastic in learning Math and English.

Indeed, Practutor is virtually effortless and very intuitive for students to use. Continue reading

Papersaurus: Affordable and Fast Proof Reading Service



Papersaurus is a service that you provide you proofreading at an affordable price.

Many times we want to get our writing proofread, but do not know where to find professional proofreading service that will do justice to our writing. Even when we find a proofreading service, we do not know how they will edit our work. Papersaurus solves this problem. They are a fast and affordable proofreading service that improves your writing without draining your bank account.

Papersaurus is unlike any other web-based editing and proofreading service. Continue reading

Zopler: Collaborate with Fellow Writers



Zopler is a social network for writers, authors, teachers, and students. It is a place where they can easily collaborate on writing stories together as a group. So if you’re one, you can get help with the story you’re working on. Just by posting your work on the site, your fellow writers can easily assist you. They can either give their opinion or continue the story for you. Basically, Zopler makes everything much simpler for you to work together with other writers.

Getting collaboration work in Zopler is actually quite easy to do. You can post your story, or even just the title of your story, on the site and writers will fire up with great ideas. In fact, you don’t need to provide a synopsis, a title alone will do. Continue reading

Rafter: Education Meets Technology



Rafter is a wonderful resource for any student that wants to learn, but cannot afford the rising expenses of education.

Ideally, education should be inexpensive and available to all, but sadly it is very expensive and most people feel the strain. It gets worse when students find it difficult to afford study material. That is because there are a few suppliers and they do not understand technology.

Schools need a true technology partner that reduces costs and uses technology for better services. It can be used by educators, mangers, retailers and everybody. Rafter is a service that aims to make education cheap and easily available. Continue reading

ClassPager: Interact With Your Students via SMS



ClassPager is the answer for those teachers who find it difficult to relay important information to their class. If you are a teacher and have experienced this kind of problem, you will find this site valuable as it lets you connect with your students through SMS, announce class update both during and after classes, and ask them certain question in real time. In addition, your students will be able to interact with you whether to ask for help or inquire updates for your class. Continue reading

Fampus: An exclusive events website for college students



Fampus is a comprehensive events website for college students. Through Fampus, students can keep a tab on what’s happening on and around their campus. They can share the photographs, discuss, comment and inform one another of events and activities happening on their campus.

The website combines social networking, photo sharing and events information all at one place. Connecting campus students is the main aim of the website and what can be better than to connect them through events! This also helps event organizers at colleges to use Fampus to advertise their event and get more students to attend.

Fampus gives you the accurate date, time and place of an event with all other details you need to attend that event. At Fampus, you will not find any and every event. It only covers events that are worth attending.

The site organizes itself unlike Facebook, which can be messy and time-consuming. For example, if you want to see the photographs of an event on Facebook, you will need to go to the page of every individual who attended to see them. On Fampus, a single page will have the photographs taken by every student who attended and loaded up the photographs on Fampus.

It is very easy to get to know what all happened at an event if you have not attended it. You can go to the event page for that particular event, and that is all! You get to see the exchanges of students and all the photographs without having to dig here and there.

Fampus does not include birthday parties and other small events. It only covers college events that are not directed towards an individual, but the entire college
students community.

The website is not affiliated with any university, but is an independent resource exclusively for college students.

The team at Fampus has talents from various fields with the only thing common being the love for events and dedication to Fampus. They help students “Find Fun Fast” around campus.

Tutorhub – Online Tutoring Platform For School Going Kids

tutorhub logoTutorhub is an excellent UK based online tutoring platform focused on supporting school age kids with their homework. Tutorhub provides private one-to-one tutoring over the internet using instant messages which kids are familiar with and enjoy. All the tutors in Tutorhub are both CRB checked and experts in their chosen subjects and many of them are teacher and university graduate or undergraduate students. Tutors set their own rates based on their area of expertise. Parents can control their kids account if they wish and can view tutor’s performance on passed sessions.

Tutorhub‘s amazing web based learning platform is for both tutors and school going kids. Tutors can have a profile providing all the necessary information about the themselves such as name, charging rates, area of expertise etc.  Parents or kids can choose their tutor seeing tutor’s profile and select how much time they want to spend with the tutor. This way, people can easily get tutor from this website. If parents feel that tutoring session did not go as expected, there is a refund policy which is applicable if called withing 72 hours. According to Tutorhub, most of the tutors are available from 4 pm to 9 pm at weekdays and from 2 pm to 6 pm at weekends.

Another important feature of Tutorhub is, it provides the opportunity to ask free questions to all and answer to those questions. This helps people to learn many things by asking and answering. In addition, Tutorhub also provides necessary child safety features, so parents can be ensured about their child safety when they are using this platform and they can also report any inappropriate conversations. Tutors are allowed to get payment once a month and they can not request for payment until five weeks after the session.

Feature at a glance:

  • Create a free or paying account
  • Hourly charging rates
  • Payment once a month
  • Child safe design
  • Refund Policy

Finally, we can say that students can improve themselves doing homework, coursework, revising their study and other activity though proper use of this wonderful platform. So, we welcome you to try it yourself and let us know your feedback.

For more information, Learningfy and Kidzmet are two similar platform we have already reviewed about. You can also have a look at those two platforms and compare yourself.