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SignUpFirst: Get Rewards in Exchange for Signups

SignUpFirst Get Rewarded for SignupsSignUpFirst is a platform where people can get rewards in exchange for signups. Just state what your giving and start receiving signups straight away, and offer free promotion to online startups.

Signupfirst say to thanks for beta tester and give a rewards for first 100 people life time premium account. This means whatever optional paid features which are introduced in the future will automatically be added to these accounts!.

Signupfirst help’s people get signups to their website or application by giving rewards to those who sign up first rewards. Continue reading

Grooming Your Startup to Sell !

When Kfir Moyal began building websites at the age of 14, he probably didn’t consider that his company would one day be worth close to $500 million in assets. His company, Matomy Media, uses strategic moves and sharp marketing to advance their interests, growing through grassroots acquisitions and startup funding.

Their path to success wove through many avenues, and there are lessons to be learned here for those grooming their startups for sale. Continue reading

Marketing Strategy for Small Startups That Boost Traffic / Sales!

Product has variety, market has variety and customer has fastidious desire to be satisfied. The first priority is always to know more of your product.

What is the nature of your product ? It will determine your major target market, eg. the age of consumer group, the range of their income, and the expectancy of the product to be existed in the market.

In considering these, various marketing strategies can be conceived. For the infant market, the parents are always the source of information. Infant products have the limitation of the range of the provision. So the competition is restricted within certain brands. Continue reading

BrainCert – Your E-learning Platform!

BrainCertCheck out the safe and powerful, simple to understand tools to learn, educate and communicate online with BrainCert. It is an online virtual classroom program that provides an interactive and collaborative virtual learning experience.  yes, it is easiest form to learn, education and interact on a global platform.

Commenced in 2000, BrainCert is a well-known e-learning medium to connect people and offer top-notch education in a simplified manner. The site perfects in offering state of the art online test techniques. Continue reading

Socialgimme: Creating Pages With No Codes

SocialgimmeSocialgimme is web application enabling people to create attractive and responsive pages without a lot of hassle or consuming a lot of time.  With the advent of the internet, businesses have streamlined their marketing operations with online marketing being the epicenter of their marketing campaigns. However, many businesses fail to understand the value of an attractive and a responsive design. Continue reading

Updatey: Track Your Project Easily!

UpdateYWith outsourcing growing at an enormous rate, employers are looking for different avenues through which they can track the work happening on the project remotely. There are various tools that allow employers to track the project progress. One of this is the UpdateY. If you are thinking UpdateY is yet another app or tool for project management, then you are highly mistaken. UpdateY is a unique and a highly efficient tool for project management. Continue reading

WorkSnaps : Connect Your Team Virtually With Time Tracking!

WorkSnapsOutsourcing projects has proved to be a boon to many firms, be it startups or established ones. However, organizations should also keep a tab on the amount of work finished by their contractor. There are many a times when organizations are not able to track the payments made to remote employees o workers and it may so happen that they pay them for the time for which they haven’t been at the desk. Indeed, such a situation is quite common and organizations have different ways to deal with this. Continue reading

Self SEO Tips: 10 Ways to Promote Your Startup!

SEO 1The competition in the web industry to be a better service provider than fellow competitors has increased due to the frequency of the websites being made regularly around the world. Search Engines are doing a great job when it comes to bringing the internet user a rich experience in what the user searches for. Internet would surely have been a highly complicated maze if there was no existence of search engines. Due to the fact that internet users tend to search internet using search engines, each and every website try harder than ever to make their website come to the top of search engine results produced by search engines. Continue reading

Petition Against Passwords : Where Are They Now?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Petition Against Passwords, the group that formed this summer with the goal of garnering support for a password-less internet. However, it may be time to bring them back into the spotlight.

Ars Technica recently ran an article detailing how password crackers are now cracking once-unbreachable passwords — the long strings of memorable phrases such as “givemelibertyorgivemedeath” — by simply uploading the internet’s vast data on song lyrics, movie quotes, and historical texts into its database. Password security researcher Kevin Young simply uploaded the entirety of Wikipedia into his password cracker, making formerly-secure, non-dictionary-word passwords, such as “crotalus atrox,” fall in seconds. Continue reading

Amcsquare – Your Technical Support Partner!

AmcsquareAmcsqaure was started with a basic concept of offering Indian users with reliable technical support, superior quality repair services and dependable extended warranties. Amcsquare has an experienced team of authorized technical support experts who are adept in offering the right solutions to various problems.

Amcsquare specializes in repairing all models and makes of laptops so no matter what problems you are facing with your laptop, you can always get in touch Amcsquare and their experts are forever at your help to solve all queries. Continue reading