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Eventot : All Events At One Site!

Eventot logoWell, everyone wonder about the latest buzz of the town, city or world. Sometimes you wish to find out what’s going in your city so that you can participate in it. For others, it’s always party time during weekends and they prefer to find an event to chill around with friends. To get an up to date knowledge of the events happening around the world, you have Eventot. It simply takes you around the world, to the place you want to go! Find out about the latest events happening across the world and get connected with your friends.

Eventot allows you to follow your friends about their location and see their daily plans. Continue reading

Circcle : Keeps You Updated With The Latest News!

Circcle logoEveryday you see different sections of news, be it sports, news, entertainments and politics on different websites to keep yourself updated. However, you come across the most repeated news on every site. But here is a website which provides you with everyday’s latest updates in every field. Circcle ensures that it brings to its readers the news and videos of the latest happenings of the world and top stores in the business, entertainment, politics, and sports sectors.

Circcle keeps its readers informed with the top news with ease. Continue reading

AweSweet : See the Positivity around You!

AweSweet logoPositivity and optimism relish your mind and heart. Every time you see something awesome around you, you cherish it. The same thing is done by AweSweet. It is a social networking website which allows you to share and find out the awesomeness of the world around you! It is great to see good things and praise them.

You have access to large number of contests, prizes, establishing connection with other awesome contacts and voting on awesome photos, videos and other items. If you like the pictures and videos, you click awesome and if you don’t like them then you click lame. Continue reading

Sportzhype.com – For All The Sport Lovers!

Sportzhype LogoSports – a complete life in themselves for those who play them! The adrenaline rush, the spirit of sportsmanship and that moment when one wins or loses are all very important in one’s life. Well, most of us are engrossed in some sport or the other. While many of you may be interested in knowing your favorite sport, some may want to know about the gossips going around in the fields.

For all the sports fans on this planet, the wait is all over as sportzhype.com brings you the latest updates in the sports field. Continue reading

GameChanger: Scorekeeping for Teams

GameChangerNow, you’ll never miss a game you’ll love. GameChanger offers you a service that allows you to collect, manage, and distribute live streaming game data for youth, high school, and college sports. With its mobile apps and web tools, it is gradually changing the way amateur sports team to get up- to- date stats. Basically, GameChanger gives you a scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream, and recap stories to everyone.

In every game, the Gamechanger online tools will deliver a play- by- play GameStream to the web browsers and mobile phone users, or to real- time scoreboard widgets hosted on the website of local news outlets, leagues, tournaments, travel teams and school. Continue reading

Summer: The Content Enrichment Platform You Need

SummerSummer is a content enrichment platform that adds a social and visual layer onto existing online context. In this regard, you are able to engage your users more intently while enhancing the online reading experience in the process. In its basic premise, Summer makes everything a lot easier for online users to get a far- reaching and useful snapshot on just about anything, may it be people, companies, and other topic that you basically find interesting within pages you visit all over the web. Continue reading

Living Junction: Create Artistic Magazines

Living JunctionLiving Junction, a small team based in Helsinki, Finland, is a savvy startup that gives you the opportunity to give your hobbies and interests a go. It enables you to generate remarkable- looking social magazine that centers on what you are currently interested in, whether it’s about fashion, celebs, sports, and more.

It is a very fun and easy way to make social magazines around your hobbies and interests. To be able to do so, you simply have to drag- and- drop your favorite rich media content to the pages of your magazine to bring the stories around your favorite topics alive. Continue reading

SocialEventGuide: Social Media Site For Events & Activities



SocialEventGuide is a new social media site which organizes communities of users around events and activities. It brings people together with common interests in a new and exciting way.

By organizing events, trips and activities, you can get to meet like-minded people and also enjoy your social life. The site has a simple and usable interface that helps you to instantly know what all events are happening. Continue reading

Korrio Makes Your Sports Life Simple & Organized



Korrio is a great new platform for kids who are into sports. They have the single focus on kids and sports. Their mission is to transform the sports experience and elevate the level at which sports are played by automating the things that come in the way.

According to Korrio, they are the most advanced sports automation platform on the planet. It harnesses the power of next-generation web technology to make tasks simper and automatic. Continue reading

TweetMouse: Get News, Views, Pics, Videos On Celebs In Real-Time



TweetMouse is a service that allows you real-time celebrity news, photos, pictures, videos and tweets of all celebrities that use Twitter.

If you browse through the net every now and then to find the latest celebrity news, pics and gossip, you do not need to look through multiple sites. TweetMouse is a platform that is created for every kind of celebrity information that you want. Continue reading