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Xperia Z Tablet – The Thinnest Tablet Ever!

Xperia Tablet ZThe Japanese company Sony has not focused on the tablet market until now. Although this huge corporation has manufactured some Android tablets that were a part of Tablet S and Tablet P series but no major advertisements of these tablets were done. But now this multinational corporation is ready to shake the tablet market with Xperia Tablet Z. This tablet has been provided with a simple and mainstream design unlike the Tablet S, and this is the reason due to which it catches the attention of consumers. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Tablet S – Revising Their Mistakes

Sony Xperia Tablet SSony had a lot of success with their product over the years, but they never had a big success with their tablets. Even though they were producing some really revolutionary designs, when concerning this line of products like the Tablet P, or the Tablet S they never managed to hit the spot. One of them didn’t succeed because of the design, the other because of the bad hardware. Now, they claim that they learned from their previous mistakes and they incorporated what they learned in the new Xperia Tablet S. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Tipo – A Bargain Phone By Sony

Sony Xperia TipoSony is going on the market by them self this time and as it was anticipated they are reviewing their whole series. They started with the Sony Xperia T as a flagship and it was ok, but they know that they have made a killing on the lower end of the market over the years and to satisfy the bargain hunters they are now bringing to the market their new low end device and this time it comes with a preinstalled Android ICS and specs that are enough for the not so demanding users. Continue reading

Sony Xperia T – Sony’s Flagship

Sony Xperia TSony as a well-known company for delivering high end products was falling behind in the pace of introducing a top model smart phone, but they are trying to correct this with their new line of smartphones which kept the prefix Xperia. For this they are introducing three new phones in the Xperia line with the suffixes Xperia T, Xperia J and Xperia L, of which Xperia T is the flagship phone.

Xperia T doesn’t bring anything new at the market, but by itself it is a great phone. Sony has changed the previous flimsy plastic back panel with a rubbery cover, which ensures a good grip. Also, they kept the previous curving of the phone introduced in the Arc model. Continue reading

Sony NEX-5R – Upgraded Little Monster

Sony NEX-5RSony as always is consistent in their upgrades if nothing more. As every year, they introduced their upgraded version of their NEX cameras and as always it is a great improvement in the right direction. We are reviewing their latest iteration of the NEX-5N camera, simply called NEX-5R. The previous NEX-5N was one hell of a mirrorless camera and now its successor is even better.

It has a new shooter that introduces the new Fast Hybrid autofocus system; it has a DNLA-compliant Wi-Fi, a new button that can be programmed and a multi-function button. Continue reading

Sony Xperia U

Sony Xperia UThe characteristics by which Xperia U differs from the rest of the Xperia models are the see through line that is just above its base, through which a specific colored light illuminates according to the content that showed on the screen, i.e. the dominant shade. If that is not cheerful enough for you, you can take of the plastic cover of the base and change it with another color cover. Last the battery cover can also be easily changed in a different color variant, with which the color combinations are exponentially expanded. Curios teenagers will probably flip out at this notion and the more conservative users can introduce a bit of color into their everyday life.  Continue reading

Sony Xperia acro S – PlayStation Certified, Tough And Stylish Xperia

Sony Xperia acro S

Sony Xperia acro S

Another fresh announcement comes from Sony. This time it’s the Xperia acro S, the new PlayStation certified smartphone. This model is packed really well, to meet the new criteria on the cruel market these days. Sony decided to arm the model with high- end specifications and to give it the rough protection touch.

An Android smartphone, it would be the first of the new Xperia models that will come with 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, without the need of OTA update. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Sola – The Floating Touch

Sony Xperia Sola

Sony Xperia Sola

The magician from the Xperia family is here. We’re presenting you- Xperia sola, the last Xperia model launched on the market, which has some magic for you.

This smartphone presents the new technology named “floating touch”, which can be described as new sensational way of browsing your favourite internet content without touching the screen.

Now the user has the possibility to interact with the touchscreen even from a distance of 20 mm.
The fingertip can be detected by the screen and its motion can be registered and used in scrolling, highlighting links, even in interacting with the special live wallpapers. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Go – Brawn, Beauty And Brain

Sony Xperia Go

Sony Xperia go

More and more good news come from Sony these last days.
The Japanese company is working very hard on developing new models for their Xperia line of smartphones.

This time, Sony decided to develop a smartphone that will combine the 3 B-s, the brain, the beauty and the brawn. So, the result is Xperia go, a rough and resistant smatphone, which can compete as the slimmest one on the market.

The model was developed to follow the fast and tough modern lifestyle. Sony gave this phone a scratch- resistant display, battery save mode and the biggest dust and water protection ever. Nicely packed in the slimmest tough body of only 9,8 mm. Continue reading

Sony Ericson Neo V- The Younger Brother

Sony Ericson Neo V

Sony Ericson Neo V

In the medium category of Android phones the competition has never been so strong. Almost every day you can see another phone model with an ideal price to performances relation. From the other hand in the category of three “Heads” there are not a lot of solutions that would make you drop your jaw to the ground.

Sony Ericsson Neo V is one of the ones that would make you drool; a reduced variant of the model Xperia Neo, which has lower specs than its older brother in the terms of- reduced camera from 8MP to 5MP and a microSD card with a lower capacity of 2GB, all packed in a neat, curved package. The screen is a 3.7 inch, high resolution screen (480×854) and it has more than good characteristics. Continue reading