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Google Maps for iOS Update Now Lets You Share Your Location on Facebook and Messenger

Google Maps for iOS UpdateGoogle has actually released an upgrade of its Maps for iOS devices that allows the users to share their location to other applications like Facebook and also its Messenger.

The new version of Google Maps for iOS, version 4.8.0, has included location-sharing with Facebook and its Messenger. The feature enables people to automatically share their place without Facebook friends or send their location information from Google Maps to people they’re chatting with in the social network’s messaging application.

The enhancement of area sharing without Facebook as well as Facebook Carrier will supply Google entry to a large viewers of Facebook users. Continue reading

Tweetdeck Finally Lets You Share Accounts Without Sharing Passwords !

tweetdeckPreviously, if you wanted to share Twitter log-in credentials with participants of your team, it implied sharing a password. Thanks to TweetDeck, you no more need to use the very same information. The 140-character social media network now provides TweetDeck Teams for its preferred application: a device that permits teams to employ the same account with admin & contributor roles. When you should bring in a colleague to the social work, all you have to do is authorize that people, and once they approve the invite, they’ll excel to go. As you might expect, access to could be revoked at any time by the admin, and also those people have command over the password. Continue reading

Twitter’s Doing Well Now, Yet its Growth Days Could be Numbered !

TwitterBy all accounts, Twitter’s doing what it’s expected to – coaxing additional people into using its high-speed social snark service.. just maybe not as fast as some would like. Baseding on Twitter’s third quarter financials – in which the company fulfilled or surpassed the majority of milestones Commercial types were expecting – 13 million people started using the service over the previous 3 months, bringing the total to a whopping 284 million monthly active users. Not also shabby, right? That’s up very substantial over in 2013, also. The possibly unshaven issue is that Twitter got 16 million people onboard last time it fell numbers, and 14 million the time before that. Two that with the simple fact that Twitter anticipates to bring in somewhat less money next quarter than analysts expected, and also you’ve got greater than a few people concerned that Twitter’s growth is winding down. Continue reading

Facebook’s New Layout for Android and also iOS Highlights Most-Liked Photos !

FacebookFacebook on Thursday has begun turning out a new layout for the Photos part on its Android and also iOS applications, and also has actually likewise included a new “Uploads” tab.

The new design in the Facebook application (First Stated by Techcrunch), now shows a new collage-style concept in the Photos area and also in the new Uploads tab, increasing the size of the most-liked images amongst them. Because of the automated selection technique that highlights these images based upon the number of likes, there is no way for the customer to un-highlight these images. Continue reading

Eventot : All Events At One Site!

Eventot logoWell, everyone wonder about the latest buzz of the town, city or world. Sometimes you wish to find out what’s going in your city so that you can participate in it. For others, it’s always party time during weekends and they prefer to find an event to chill around with friends. To get an up to date knowledge of the events happening around the world, you have Eventot. It simply takes you around the world, to the place you want to go! Find out about the latest events happening across the world and get connected with your friends.

Eventot allows you to follow your friends about their location and see their daily plans. Continue reading

Social.me : All about You!

Social.me logoSocial networking is in trend these days. It is the basic medium to stay connected with your friends and relatives these days. But, apart from the concept of keeping in touch with your near and dear ones, it also helps those who work online in promoting themselves, their work, their website as well as their blog via an enormous variety of social media. While a few people were lucky enough to get the short forms of their names on Flip board, LinkedIn, and Facebook and Twitter others weren’t so lucky. If you wish to unify your message and send it to all the audience you want to target but you actually don’t have any idea bout their preferred platform, then you always had to mention about a 7 line email signature depicting your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+ profiles along with your email address or blog name. But not anymore! Continue reading

BenchPrep: Study What You Need, Everywhere & Anywhere!

BenchPrep logoSometimes it is too difficult to find the right study material to prepare for your tests. Be it your High School course, College course or a Competitive exam. BenchPrep produces test prep and other topic based interactive coursework which you can easily access on your computer, Android Smartphones, iPhone and iPad. The content of the courses available on BenchPrep is attained from the top publishers and is improved with assistance from several study features.

It renders amazing assistance to bloggers, investors and more than 2 million students which use this and love it. Continue reading

Goalbook: Transforming Special Education

GoalbookGoalbook is a secure platform for schools to manage and collaborate around student Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). Its goal is to help the educators to collaborate more efficiently, streamline communication, engage parents, and improve student agency through goal setting, which will in turn bring about a true individualized learning.

It aims to provide students a single, shared lesson plan. The basic premise is to have students a part of a connected network of educators, administrators, and parents by making a database of goals, strategies, and milestones. Continue reading

Summer: The Content Enrichment Platform You Need

SummerSummer is a content enrichment platform that adds a social and visual layer onto existing online context. In this regard, you are able to engage your users more intently while enhancing the online reading experience in the process. In its basic premise, Summer makes everything a lot easier for online users to get a far- reaching and useful snapshot on just about anything, may it be people, companies, and other topic that you basically find interesting within pages you visit all over the web. Continue reading

Cause: Support Your Case By Placing A Ribbon On Your Site



Cause is a great platform to let other know what Cause you support. It is about generating awareness and sharing your views with the world through the simple medium of putting ribbons on your website about your cause.

We believe in many things, but do not have the medium to share them with the world. You might have strong feelings about protecting the environment, protecting children from human trafficking, raising awareness about breast cancer and so on. Mostly, we share our thoughts once in a while with a few people, and that is it.

Cause provides us with a simple and effective way to let our website visitors know about our support for various causes. Continue reading