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Hoblee: A Real Time Solution for Mashed Up Likes

Hoblee logoSocial networking has become one of the basic needs of today’s people. There are over two billion social networking users all over the world. Every second, thousand of items and pages are being liked, Favorited and followed and in no time, there picture fades away from our minds. But not anymore!

In this fast paced world, we just browse the internet, see the stuff around on different Webpages, and press “Like” on different social media contents like photos, videos, causes, tweets and whatnot. However, these likings get lost somewhere after a small period of time in between the different activities of our social accounts. Continue reading

BluffBust: A Fun Lie Detector Game

BluffBustIf you think you are already good at detecting lies, think again. Because you might be surprised how wrong you could be when you try out this new startup called BluffBust.

BluffBust is a social game that improves your lie detecting skills. People on BluffBust can share their own stories and then you can decide if it’s real or lie. Simply watch the video and make the call. Guess whether it’s the truth or pure tall tale by clicking “Truth” or “Lie.” Continue reading

Toast: The Social Wish List

ToastToast is the iPhone app pana cea to bad gift- giving. It is basically a social wish list app that allows anyone to create a universal wish list from just about anything they see online, may it be products from real stores, or other services like a cool night out with friends.

Anyone can view friends’ wishes and add them to their own personal wish list. You can simply create a list of things you really want, like a pair of shoes you’ve been dying to have, a new pair of sunglasses, anything! Then your family and friends can make it as a reference when the occasion warrants. Continue reading

American Medical Response: The Leading Ambulance Service

American Medical ResponseAmerican Medical Response (AMR) was founded in 1992 when a number of deep- rooted regional ambulance providers merged into a single company. It was created in response to 3 situations; the changes in health care reimbursement, the demands of new technology, and the growth of managed care plans. These created the need to create a larger provider network.

The services it provides vary between taking 911 calls, disaster response teams, and paramedic training. Continue reading

Naqenshy: Let Your Voice Be Heard

NaqenshyNaqenshy is a website that is made to be utilized as a systematic and user- friendly platform for social interaction in discussions and debates. It connects the modern idea of a color concept into users’ profiles. That is to say, the different colors represent different convictions and ideologies, and in this fashion, a user’s color represents his or her descriptive characteristic on his or her profile page. The color concepts allow anyone to be easily and conveniently associated with others who are on the same wavelength, or on the opposing ones. Continue reading

Living Junction: Create Artistic Magazines

Living JunctionLiving Junction, a small team based in Helsinki, Finland, is a savvy startup that gives you the opportunity to give your hobbies and interests a go. It enables you to generate remarkable- looking social magazine that centers on what you are currently interested in, whether it’s about fashion, celebs, sports, and more.

It is a very fun and easy way to make social magazines around your hobbies and interests. To be able to do so, you simply have to drag- and- drop your favorite rich media content to the pages of your magazine to bring the stories around your favorite topics alive. Continue reading

SocialEventGuide: Social Media Site For Events & Activities



SocialEventGuide is a new social media site which organizes communities of users around events and activities. It brings people together with common interests in a new and exciting way.

By organizing events, trips and activities, you can get to meet like-minded people and also enjoy your social life. The site has a simple and usable interface that helps you to instantly know what all events are happening. Continue reading

Devvox: Connect With Friends, Share Your Thoughts



Devvox is a platform where you can share your thoughts with others about anything. It is a place to connect with like-minded people, discuss things that matter to you and share your thoughts and ideas.

This online community gives you the voice to share anything you want to share with the world. You can post updates, quotes, photos, videos, links and more through Devvox. Continue reading

Pinpuff: Measure Your Pinterest Influence, Get Rewarded



Pinpuff is a service that allows you to calculate your Pinfluence and get perks. Pinfluence is the measure of your popularity, influence and reach on Pinterest. If you are a fan of Pinterest, you will love Pinpuff.

The service, apart from providing you a measure of your popularity on Pinterest also decides monetary value of your pins and traffic that pins generate. It provides you value of your each pin.

Pinpuff is a medium through which you get PinPerks for Pinfluencers and businesses. Continue reading

Twimfeed: Get Photos On Twitter



Twimfeed is a service that allows you to see pictures on Twitter that you post and from all users you follow.

Twitter is a social networking site that is used by billions worldwide. There are lots of people there whom you follow and who follow you. But the problem is that you can only tell your followers about things, not show them. With Twimfeed, it is now possible for you to see pictures that were included in pic.twitter, twitpic, yfrog, and instagram. Soon, Twimfeed will add more platforms. Continue reading