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Facebook is Working with Prominent News Sites to Host Content Directly on the Social Media Network.

Facebook is Working with Prominent News Sites to Host Content Directly on the Social Media Network.Having just participated in a major change from print media to the web, it appears as though some of the top news & content service providers could soon be news their product once again.

Facebook has held discussions with at the very least 6 media companies in current months regarding the probability of companies their content directly on the social network. If true, this would indicate that Facebook users wouldn’t have to leave the site to catch up on the most recent happenings or viral video clips from around the country and also the world. Continue reading

Admonetize.me: Your Social Marketing Platform.

AdmonetizeAdmonetize.me is a new and unique social advertising and marketing platform that connects brands, agencies and individuals with connects chosen customer bases. The outcome: boost in leads and also sales for each and every getting involved party!

Admonetize.me is a superb method to monetize your social fans, concerning of the platform. The only point you’ll require is useful material and people that enjoy reading it!

You could subscribe as an Advertiser on Admonetize.me, and add your social accounts. Try tagging each one of them with the appropriate label (such as ‘Sports’ or ‘Travel’) and pick your price each click. Continue reading

Twitter Wants to Put Advertisements in Other Companies Applications !

twitterTwitter isn’t really growing as quickly as it used to, so it cannot just depend on a horde of new social networks to inflate its bank account. Just what’s it going to do, then? Sell advertisements elsewhere, obviously. Sources for the Wall Street Journal claim that Twitter is planning to offer advertisements for the tweet feeds you view in other firms’ applications and also web-sites, sharing the money it makes with its partners. It’s not certain which’s on-board with the idea. Twitter supposedly cited both ESPN and also Flipboard as examples during a presentation at CES, yet a WSJ tipster says that there’s no official deal with ESPN right now. Continue reading

Twitter’s App-Scanning is The Price You Pay for Complimentary !

TwitterTwitter announced but one more method it would like to try to make us dislike it greater than Facebook this week, revealing a plan to make the mobile app much more invasive than ever.

From the company that brought you Scan & Upload My Address Book we now have a strange app-monitoring system that promises to rifle through our mobiles to see what applications we’ve got on them, then serve us stuff related to our application collections. Continue reading

Best Ways to Use Social Media for Marketing Your Startups!

With the advance of the era, marketing by networking within a group of people to build business is no longer sufficient. While networking by various social media could be more convenient and hassle free. Though with the aid of modern technology, certain pre and post preparations have to be done.

Information accumulation is the first step to know where you stand.

Rating website

Besides your rival’s official website, rating site is the best way to know what’s in trend. Though you have to consider the likelihood of the false information, by gathering several sources together, and performing a simple analysis, the outcome you want will not be difficult to discern. Continue reading

Twitter Now Looks Like Facebook After Profile Redesign!

TwitterTwitter has changed, offering users a platform for a much more prominent profile. The new profile enables tweeters to have a bigger profile picture, personalized header, best tweets and even more : all leaving it looking rather like Facebook.

Users manage to advertise themselves, using their tweets, from their brand-new profile. Finest Tweets is a feature that implies tweets which have actually had more involvement will appear larger on a profile to make them much easier to find. Continue reading

Facebook Buys Oculus VR – The Virtual Reality Gaming Firm

FB vs OCFacebook : Virtual Game for Thrones! is a social networking website to connect friends, family, and business associates. It is the largest of the networking sites beginning as a college networking website and has now expanded to worldwide scope.

Following Facebook’s acquisition spree of Instagram and WhatsApp, now it’s buying Oculus VR, the maker of a virtual reality headset, to compete effectively in the social media spectrum against companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft. Continue reading

Guest Post – Social Media Creating New Ethical Challenges for Health Care Providers

HealthCareSocial media has become an important part of many people’s everyday lives. Sharing news and updates with far-flung family and friends, posting photos from your latest vacation or night out and commenting on the latest in news or pop culture are important parts of many people’s days, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

When you work in health care, though, social media can present some ethical challenges. While some would argue that what professionals do on their time is their business and that it shouldn’t matter what doctors, nurses, therapists and others in the health care field post on social media, the truth is that it does matter. Continue reading

Bestmerit – Recruitment Process With Online Examination System For HR Professionals!

BestmeritHiring new talent and retaining the existing ones is a challenge faced by every HR professional. You no more have to worry about hiring the best talent in the world  as Bestmerit is a website that enables HR professionals a one-of-its-kind opportunity to streamline their hiring and recruitment tasks.

Bestmerit is a website that offers complete ease to HR professionals, whether they are hiring in-house or for third-party clients. Continue reading

Taskvilla – Hiring Becomes Easier!

TaskvillaOften for small-time enterprises, finding the right talent for the business can be a harrowing experience. Indeed, no business wants to hire wrong or incompetent employees. To find a right employee is one of the most perplexing tasks faced by the HR team of the small business.

Taskvilla helps small businesses to find right and competent employees for the business. Continue reading