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BluffBust: A Fun Lie Detector Game

BluffBustIf you think you are already good at detecting lies, think again. Because you might be surprised how wrong you could be when you try out this new startup called BluffBust.

BluffBust is a social game that improves your lie detecting skills. People on BluffBust can share their own stories and then you can decide if it’s real or lie. Simply watch the video and make the call. Guess whether it’s the truth or pure tall tale by clicking “Truth” or “Lie.” Continue reading

Gamers, get Ludus to bring traffic and business to your games



Ludus is a resource for casual games market where affiliates, developers, advertisers and service providers interact and conduct business. Ludus closes the gap between affiliate marketing and the online games industry.

If you have traffic and are not able to convert it into business, Ludus can help you. It will funnel your traffic appropriately using their tools and services so that you can match your traffic to the best-converting games.

Ludus is the first independent affiliate network for online games. Many affiliate marketers realized the importance of casual gaming, but there were not any affiliate programs to be found, except Ludus. Now, more and more publishers are getting in the casual gaming market ($2 billion plus), but there is a general confusion regarding who to work with.

Ludus came with a solution. Instead of talking to different publishers, you get everything at one place for easy access. Ludus are the facilitators. They will help you get the deals, stay on track, optimize your campaigns, get paid without fuss and on-time from a single source.

The company will do the bad stuff for you. It will approach the best publishers, developers and service providers. They will also help you in promotion and easily keep track of your games that get you the most.

The company has decades of experience in the online games sector. Their team has, in the past, boost affiliate revenues through their advanced recommendation engine built-in with optimization and segmentation tool.

They also offer you a new approach to routing traffic between platform like OpenWeb, Facebook, Smartphones etc.

Their focus on creating a match between people that need traffic and those who have traffic leads them to Facebook. They are Facebook specialists who specifically target social games on Facebook and OpenWeb.