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Oppo Find 5 – Thinnest Phone With The Best Screen On The Market

Oppo Find 5This Chinese company is not that well known outside its country, but they have introduced phablet (phone-tablet), that is nothing but revolutionary, in today’s sense of the word. Their product has stirred a lot of dust, because of the performances and its overall dimensions that are not matched so far.

The phablet is called Oppo Find 5 and it has a 5 inch screen that has a resolution, which even Apples products dream of. Its 5 inch screen works in full HD (1920×1024) 1080p resolution that measures 441ppi, which are more than 100 pixels per inch, when compared to Apples iPhone 5. Continue reading

HTC Desire X – Something For The Middle

HTC Desire XHTC has been numb for a while and that doesn’t smell good especially in this fast pace, fast changing mobile device world. Now, they have introduced on the market a phone that will come out this month and by the specs it seems it is a middle range device, for the everyday consumer.

This smartphone is definitely a middle range, but enough with the high end devices, not everyone can afford a flagship device. The phone has a great look and feel as its back plate has a unibody look. Continue reading