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MessageTheManager – Get Instant Feedback From Your Customers!

MessageTheManagerOne of its kinds, the MessageTheManager is an online tool that allows businessmen to get immediate feedback and answers through SMS. Yes, nowadays,every person has a cellphone and even business idea can change your phone into a feedback and suggestion box. MessageTheManager does the same for you. It collects the feedback, comments and suggestions of the customers and brings it to the businessmen. Continue reading

FoxyCall – Play Masked Pranks on Your Friends on Phone!

FoxyCall LogoHow often do you wish to play pranks on your friends or siblings and make them scared of mystery calls? People go to the extent of purchasing new sim cards to hide their identity and play pranks on their friends. FoxyCall helps you to fulfill this aim of yours by allowing you to mask the identity of your number and use any phone number as your Caller ID while making calls and sending SMS and play a prank on your friend. The best thing about this program is that it works on all the phones. Continue reading

Winlogviewer: Observe Windows Events on Various Servers

Winlogviewer logoWinlogviewer is an aggregation service from Microsoft Windows event logs. It facilitates multiple server logs to support busy system administration through a safe, secure, easy web interface from anywhere you are, just with the help of an Internet connection, the best part is everything is carried out from one place. It informs you about the performance, and status of your system. The automatic set up of the centralized system makes accessing of the data difficult, Winlogviewer simplifies it.

Winlogviewer helps to showcase all the servers alongside on your system’s dashboard. Continue reading

GiftHit: Send Gifts Friends through Facebook, Email, or SMS

GiftHitA website and Facebook app called GiftHit is a fun way to send friends fun, personal gifts from local hangouts instantly through Facebook, email, or text. Sending gift cards to friends is actually a good idea but giving them that plus a real beer via a wallpost is way cooler.

The gifts you can give can range from late night wings, mani-pedis, and concert tickets to your friends by Facebook wall post, email, or text. “It’s the best way to say hi, happy birthday; sorry I stole your boyfriend, congrats, and just about anything.” Continue reading

Save the Mom: Manage Family Problems Fast

Save the MomMoms have always been the center of the family. That being said, the members of the family mostly rely on her to do almost everything. A lot of information passes through them on a daily basis in many numbers of different ways: phone calls, text messages, emails and notes. But there is just so much that a mom can do.

With the many advances of technology, Save the Mom, a family organizer especially made for super busy working moms, can provide a more concrete help to moms. And one of the best ways to communicate with the family is to let them express themselves with tools they know and use in everyday life. Continue reading

Bombil Media: Mobile and Social Media Solution

Bombil Media

Bombil Media

Bombil Media leverages technology in mobile, tablets, and social media space to help you reach and attract new customers and build lasting relationship with existing ones. The company has a great understanding of the digital medium which allows it to deliver the desired results. And that is also due to the fact that it has already serviced 2000 campaign across over 160 clients across domains.

If you are serious about going mobile or social media, you should definitely give Bombil Media a try. It will basically help you adopt and upbeat with technologies which in turn, will help address real business challenges. Continue reading

Kaleidoscope – Wonder Tent – How Everyone Wants To Go Camping

Wonder Tent

Wonder Tent

With the trend of new gadgets and inventions popping out all the time for the indoor usage it is time to focus a bit on the wilderness and what the inventors can contribute to make that stay better. This is something will be appealing to every geek camper, or any one that wants to go to the wilderness with style or doesn’t want to be offline.

When someone is thinking about camping they are thinking about cutting themselves off the grid, disappearing for a couple of days and running away from technology. Continue reading

Mitmi: Connect With Friends With This Great Mobile App



Mitmi is a cool way to make plans and share comments and places with your friends!

If you are the kind of person who loves to go out with friends whenever an opportunity arises, Mitmi is for you. This mobile application allows you to see at a glance what activities, sights and talk your friends are indulging in.

This is a very good way to connect with friends even when you are not present. You can very easily know and discuss what they are up to. Apart from that, Mitmi helps you to find the best deals, which is so essential for better management of your social life. You not only get to save money, but also get to have a great experience. Continue reading

Save The Mom: Easy to Use Family Organizer

Save The Mom

Save The Mom

The basic premise of Save The Mom is to provide every working moms an easy to use helping tools on for day- to- day tasks. So if you fall under that category, then this startup may just be the one for you.

This service is a family organizer that will greatly help any mom without much time at their hands. It is available as a web tool as well as an app for iPad and iPhone. It gives you everything you need to manage your difficulties on a daily basis. Save The Mom provides you with a shared family calendar, a shopping list, a check-in service, and a news feed that allows you to quickly get in touch with all the members of your family. Continue reading

SnappSchool: Know What Your Child Is Studying At School Every Week



SnappSchool is a platform that allows parents to know what their kids are learning.

The service understands that there are many ways to teach things. Co-founder of SnappSchool John Halloran explains, “To do long division, I don’t need the full lesson my fourth grader needs to get through it, but I do need a little reminder. It is not something I do everyday.”

SnappSchool knows that parental involvement directly affects student performance. To allow parents to know what their kids are doing at school helps the kids in their overall development. Interaction here is the key. Continue reading