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Facebook’s Has a New Application Moments Lets You Share Photos Outside of Facebook

Facebook's Has a New Application MomentsFacebook already provides lots of ways for people to share their pictures with friends, be it WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook itself. Now it wants to assist users share pictures without posting them online at all.

Facebook’s Creative Labs has produced yet an another application that feels like it must be a feature within the main Facebook application as opposed to one more icon using up space on your smartphone. The new Moments app implements shared photo albums from a group of people at an occasion. Pictures are curated using location details and face recognition, people could share and see photos from friends that were at the very same place at the same time. Continue reading

OneDrive for Android Obtains Push Notifications for Shared Items !

One DriveGood information for those of you who use Microsoft’s cloud storage service on Android. Earlier today, the OneDrive app got an upgrade that now lets it send push notifications for shared files and also folders to your device, making it much easier to keep up with collaborators on the modifications being made to documents. In addition to that, this new version also allows you to get customized pin code timeouts within the application, in addition to adding thumbnails to OneDrive for Business files. These improvements must help make OneDrive for Android much better on Google’s platform, something that’s going to be appreciated by people who make use of Redmond’s virtual locker consistently.

Facebook’s Reported “Moments” Application Will Help You Share Independently!

facebook-privacy-checkupFacebook’s megaphone-like technique to sharing makes it much less than ideal for more personal missives. Sharing private photos or jokes with choose people is something of a test of nerves. One slip of a drop-down food selection, and also your intimate photo could go global, rather than simply to your ‘Mates’ personal privacy group.

However, Facebook wishes you to share in anyway, and to anybody you like with self-confidence it appears. According to TechCrunch, the social media network’s working with a ‘Moments’ mobile application to help. Continue reading

Skype’s Redesigned iPhone App is Five Times Faster Than Current App!

skypeforiPhoneSkype has been lavishing focus on its Android and Windows Phone messaging apps as of late, yet it’s now time for the apple iPhone customer to  get a makeover - and it’s one of the company’s largest overhauls in recent memory. The new software brings a much fresher-looking user interface that’s both symphonious with various other systems (chiefly Windows Phone) and lets you accomplish many common tasks faster. You can now start group conversations right from the hub, and you do not need to wait up until a person hops online to send a message. Continue reading

Dwibbles – Your Social Media Manager!

Dwibbles LogoDwibbles is an innovative social media manager that gathers and gets all your social media accounts at one podium. It is an intuitive, user friendly and easy to customize online instrument that allows easy access to every networking sites and blog which you follow in your daily life. It gathers all the notifications, alerts, and updates and RSS friends of your contacts and friends and amalgamates them into one line of data holding all the info that you actually require to see in future. Continue reading

MBAProjectSearch: Freelance Projects for MBA Students!

MBAProjectSearchEveryone is aware of the challenges that start-ups face while making a start of their career. Question like where to get a job, what options to choose, how to increase the pay scale are very important in the beginning of anyone’s career. Thus, eventually the most important thing on which you should rely is your talent.

A group of people who are down in working experience are ready to work for less than usual amounts: MBA students. Continue reading

YouNeedMyGuy : Share Who You Love Doing Business With!

YouNeedMyGuyWe’ve all been faced with the decision of who to hire for a service, and not knowing who to call. Whether the need is for a plumber in a pinch or to research insurance providers, the number of service providers to sort through is almost crippling. When asked, most consumers would agree that they would rather do business with someone they’re referred to by a friend. But, how can they get that data?

YouNeedMyGuy is the best place to view, manage and organize referrals and recommendations on the Internet. Continue reading

Stasham: Discover, Share & Purchase Online!

Stasham LogoThere are times when you desire to share the stuff you purchase online with your friends, colleagues and others. Be it anything, shopping is just about discovering items online and sharing it with friends. Well, for all your needs ranging from discovering to purchasing to share, Stasham is the ideal place for you! It is a location to find, share and purchase the best available stuff on the Internet.

It may be anything, whether a gadget, equipments for your house, your traveling related stuff or just simple things for yourself. Continue reading

Notism: A Great Way to Share Visual Content with Your Group!

NotismappOften people face problems in sharing visual content with their clients or team members on the Internet. There have been many suggestions made to sort this issue of sharing visual content over the Internet, however not much success has been achieved. But, Notism is a place where you can easily share visual content with your clients as well as team members. It provides an excellent collaboration without any clutter. It simply updates your creative tasks and send invites to your colleagues to share generate feedback and sign off designs- everything at one place.

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Lovendar : Take Out For Love!

lovendar-logoWith such a hectic schedule, one hardly finds time for recreation and take out some time for their loved ones. One surely needs a supportive hand to help them rejuvenate their diminishing love. Lovendar is the right solution for this! It helps the busy couples to stay in love. Surely, it is an exciting and easy way for both the people in a relationship to share the things you want, enlist the things to-do, share the gifts they want for one another and things they wish to try together. Lovendar reminds the couples of the important dates of their relation. So, guys and girls, if an event is present on Lovendar, it is highly important.

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