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Danggle: Get All You Want With Your Friend’s Support!

Danggle LogoWhile shopping, you often get a thought that you share, discover and group fund a particular item you want. Danggle is a cooperative social commerce engine with a group funding platform that is designed to change the way of pooling funds and giving gifts. It permits the users to share the collection of their wants, Continue reading

SkyChattr: The Aviation Network!

SkyChattr LogoWhen there are social networking platforms for everything, then why not aviation. Aviation is a huge industry which surely needs people to interact, collaborate and stay in touch with all the happenings in the industry. SkyChattr is an innovation in the social network field for the aviation industry where professionals and travelers can interact, share and post destination pictures. It provides you with the latest updates about the airline gossip and much more.

SkyChattr has been launched by the aviation industry veterans. Continue reading

Ravox: Create Free Facebook Store

RavoxMillions of people use the Facebook environment as a personal experience by only discussing, commenting and sharing things they care about. Social media users are hearing about products more from friends than brands.  To create a successful plan for social selling, businesses need to reach a large number of users within a target audience and get them highly motivated to either purchase or share products. While many small businesses are eager to get in the social selling game, they often become stumped shortly after setting up an account. Continue reading

YouNeedMyGuy : Share Who You Love Doing Business With!

YouNeedMyGuyWe’ve all been faced with the decision of who to hire for a service, and not knowing who to call. Whether the need is for a plumber in a pinch or to research insurance providers, the number of service providers to sort through is almost crippling. When asked, most consumers would agree that they would rather do business with someone they’re referred to by a friend. But, how can they get that data?

YouNeedMyGuy is the best place to view, manage and organize referrals and recommendations on the Internet. Continue reading

AweSweet : See the Positivity around You!

AweSweet logoPositivity and optimism relish your mind and heart. Every time you see something awesome around you, you cherish it. The same thing is done by AweSweet. It is a social networking website which allows you to share and find out the awesomeness of the world around you! It is great to see good things and praise them.

You have access to large number of contests, prizes, establishing connection with other awesome contacts and voting on awesome photos, videos and other items. If you like the pictures and videos, you click awesome and if you don’t like them then you click lame. Continue reading

Stasham: Discover, Share & Purchase Online!

Stasham LogoThere are times when you desire to share the stuff you purchase online with your friends, colleagues and others. Be it anything, shopping is just about discovering items online and sharing it with friends. Well, for all your needs ranging from discovering to purchasing to share, Stasham is the ideal place for you! It is a location to find, share and purchase the best available stuff on the Internet.

It may be anything, whether a gadget, equipments for your house, your traveling related stuff or just simple things for yourself. Continue reading

Hoblee: A Real Time Solution for Mashed Up Likes

Hoblee logoSocial networking has become one of the basic needs of today’s people. There are over two billion social networking users all over the world. Every second, thousand of items and pages are being liked, Favorited and followed and in no time, there picture fades away from our minds. But not anymore!

In this fast paced world, we just browse the internet, see the stuff around on different Webpages, and press “Like” on different social media contents like photos, videos, causes, tweets and whatnot. However, these likings get lost somewhere after a small period of time in between the different activities of our social accounts. Continue reading

Viddy: Mobile App For Video Clips

ViddyViddy is a mobile app for editing, improving, and sharing video clips. It’s often compared to Instagram because it allows you to add special effects with just a click. This app has two ways of enhancing your videos, namely special visual effects, and with music.

So basically, Viddy is Instagram- like video app. And although it’s about capturing great videos, what it really does best is its own social network, also similar to Instagram. Like the said app, Viddy’s user interface has a quite few similarities with it. Continue reading

Restaugr.am: Instagam-Based Site for Food

RestaugramInstagram is a free photo sharing and social network that has gone viral over the months. In this app, you can see thousands of pictures that range on just about anything. But what if I tell you there is a similar service but is only focused on nothing but dishes that are served in restaurants? That would be great news for binge- lovers. Continue reading

SuckMyTrend: Be Posted on the Latest Trends

SuckMyTrendWhat if there’s a service that allows you to be posted on all the latest trends in one place? That’s exactly what Suck My Trend is aiming to do. This UK- based startup takes a look at the latest and the greatest trends on the internet and roll them all together in one place. It focuses on social trends and hot internet searches. It is truly a unique way to be in the now. And in just 4 months, over 600,000 people have visited the site. Continue reading