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Let your imagination free, remix images with Canvas

Canvas logo


Do you like to play around with images? Then Canvas is the place to be. This amazing resource for those interested in twisting photographs has all the tools through which you can easily alter a photograph to suit your imagination.

The goal of Canvas is to create an environment where people can have fun with images. A user can create their own group on the site and share their images with friends and others.

Images on Canvas have been categorized into the following categories: everything, gif-bin, pop-culture, cute, photography, video games, funny, abstract and politics. If your images do not fit into any of these categories, you are free to create your own group.

Visitors can explore images without signing up. They can vote for images they like, and make their own image remixes, as the Canvas team calls it, using the inbox browser.

Images speak better than words. On Canvas, you can communicate with other images fans through visuals that they and you upload to the site. Well, if you are a cat lover and have uploaded many remixes of the photographs of cats, you sure will get the attention of other cat lovers on the site. It is a great way to meet like-minded people.

The Canvas team keeps a tab on what is published on the site and what is not. Any image that violates the code of conduct of the site is immediately taken off. To maintain the quality of the site, an image that does not suit their guidelines is rejected.

You need to only register to the site in order to start uploading images. There is absolutely no payment required to use the site. Photographs and web designers will particularly find Canvas exciting.

Canvas is based in New York City. It is financed by Union Square Ventures, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, Andreessen Horowitz, Founder Collective, Chris Dixon and Joshua Schachter.