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Microsoft OneDrive Application Lands for BlackBerry 10 Gadgets!

OneDriveMicrosoft’s cloud storage space service has ultimately made its way to BlackBerry through an application called Connect to Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft announced earlier this year it is relabeling Sky Drive, its cloud storage space service, to OneDrive, adhering to a claim in the UK from media business BSkyB. Since the rebranding adjustments have finally shown up, along with some amazing brand-new features, Microsoft has actually given BlackBerry 10 gain access to. Continue reading

e-ProductPlug – Shape Your Data Automatically!

eproductplugEver since eProductPlug was launched in the online space, it has played a pivotal role to reshape the delivery and retrieval of vendor-based product feeds to leading eCommerce business platforms like BigCommerce, Volusion and 3DCart.

Today, eproductplug has given a sense of empowerment to major online retailers by offering them an innovative and efficient solution that effectively and easily automates the inventory and product management cycle and also aids in easy handling of the entire process. Continue reading

Getosmosis – Making Your Work Simpler!

GetosmosisHandling multiple projects with same efficiency can be quite a challenge for many professionals. Getosmosis is a website that makes it easy for you, if you too have been facing a similar predicament.

Getosmosis allows you to convert your leads into highly profitable, paying leads without wasting a lot of time.  Using the services of this website, you can streamline the entire process of initiating the first contact right up to accepting the client’s proposal. Continue reading

Wibki – Offering An Exciting Platform For Website Users!

WibkiFor all those looking for an alternate and exciting way to share their web experiences, Wibki offers a great platform. With Wibki, you get an innovative platform for saving, sharing as well as discovering the World Wide Web.

If you have ever wondered what ideal browsing experience is like, then log on to Wibki and create your account. Wibki has been recently launched online and offers a pleasant browsing experience. Continue reading

Tax Alli – Helping Your Business Better Manage Taxes And Finance!

Tax AlliIf you have never come across a virtual tax and accounting service provider, then Tax Alli is your answer. Tax Alli is a comprehensive web-based tax and accounting service provide that offers a competitively priced tax consultations and business services for all kinds of business transactions. Ever since Tax Alli has started its operations, it has helped several businesses manage their finance and accounts in a hassle-free way.

Tax Alli is undoubtedly one of the most popular online tax and accounting services available for countless small enterprise owners. Continue reading

ChatterLime – How It Helps Your Business to Achieve Higher Sales!

ChatterLimeChatterlime is a popular online widget allowing users to better manage their chats when they are not physically present at their desk. All of us simply love chatting online but the thought that one has to sit at the desk  to ensure messages are sent and received can sometimes be a tiresome thing.

Chatterlime offers an easy solution in the form of offering a virtual concierge to the user who effectively handles all the chats of the user. Continue reading

Kick Resume – Get Perfect Resume In Minutes!

Kick ResumeEvery job seeker requires a resume and it is the richness of resume that attracts the eyes of the employer. Thus, one needs to design his resume very professionally. Kick Resume allows you to design original Curriculum Vitae which can take your career to exceptional heights. It boosts your chance to get your dream job and give your career a kick-start.

Kick Resume helps you to create a CV in the simplest possible manner within minutes. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to design a CV at Kick Resume. Continue reading

MessageTheManager – Get Instant Feedback From Your Customers!

MessageTheManagerOne of its kinds, the MessageTheManager is an online tool that allows businessmen to get immediate feedback and answers through SMS. Yes, nowadays,every person has a cellphone and even business idea can change your phone into a feedback and suggestion box. MessageTheManager does the same for you. It collects the feedback, comments and suggestions of the customers and brings it to the businessmen. Continue reading

PandaDoc – Make Your Business Life Easier!

PandaDocPandaDoc is all about making your business life manageable and easier. It allows you send documents like a Pro. Right from the serving as web and mobile platforms to sending of digital docs with e-signatures, annotations, changes in tracking and much more, PandaDoc allows you to do all the things related to digital office world. You can send one doc to several platforms in a single format. It gets easy for you as well as customers. Continue reading

3DCart – Making Online Shopping Cart And eCommerce Solution!

3DCart3DCart is a uniquely designed online shopping cart boasting of some exciting features. The features found on this shopping cart are sure to benefit several merchant in different ways. The interface of 3DCart is somewhat distinct from most of its competitors.

Owing to a unique interface, some merchants will take some time to get used to the website design. Merchants who are mulling over to migrate to 3DCart will have to spend some time in understanding how 3DCart functions. Continue reading