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Ixapi : Create An Application By A RESTful API!

Ixapi LogoOne of the easiest and fastest methods of designing a RESTful API simply by highlighting the objects of the applicants and links between them is Ixapi. It provides service on the internet for the developers in order to lessen the capacity of work and resources required to design an application. Nonetheless, you also get the amazing benefit of getting to use the predefined fields, file storage along with user system.

Thus, craft your application’s objects and links in between and IXAPI will immediately create its RESTful API. Continue reading

Goalbook: Transforming Special Education

GoalbookGoalbook is a secure platform for schools to manage and collaborate around student Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). Its goal is to help the educators to collaborate more efficiently, streamline communication, engage parents, and improve student agency through goal setting, which will in turn bring about a true individualized learning.

It aims to provide students a single, shared lesson plan. The basic premise is to have students a part of a connected network of educators, administrators, and parents by making a database of goals, strategies, and milestones. Continue reading

Kidbox: Safe and secure personalized Internet for your child



Kidbox is a tool that makes Internet safe, interesting and exciting for children.

Every parent knows how difficult it is to choose stuff from the Internet that is just right for their kid. With thousands of sites, videos and games on the Internet, your child sometimes cannot know what he/she should see. To keep our kids safe from adult content and to give them the best from the Internet, we need Kidbox.

Kidbox is the first web service for children that is specifically designed for the families of Spanish and Continue reading