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Goalbook: Transforming Special Education

GoalbookGoalbook is a secure platform for schools to manage and collaborate around student Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). Its goal is to help the educators to collaborate more efficiently, streamline communication, engage parents, and improve student agency through goal setting, which will in turn bring about a true individualized learning.

It aims to provide students a single, shared lesson plan. The basic premise is to have students a part of a connected network of educators, administrators, and parents by making a database of goals, strategies, and milestones. Continue reading

BetterLesson, a software solution provider for schools, raises $1.6 million



BetterLesson, software solution providers for educational institutes, has raised $1.6 million in funds from venture firms like General Catalyst, Highland Capital Partners, New Markets Ventures and NewSchools Venture Fund along with some angel investors namely Matt Grennfield of Stonework Capital, Steve Kaufer of Trip Advisor, and Shawn and Jennifer Carolan of Menlo Ventures.

The company will use the funding to hire new talent and develop its existing platform. BetterLesson offers their services to educators free of charge, but charges schools and other educational institutions for enhanced features and usability.

BetterLesson allows teachers to browse through notes, presentations, school lessons, unit tests through a user-friendly interface. You can communicate and exchange ideas on your data with other international educators and bring in comprehensiveness into your existing notes.

The company believes that “Every educator – regardless of school location, resources, or demographics – should have access to the best instructional content in the world.”

BetterLesson was started by a group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston public schools. They had been deeply involved in the academic system of schools when they thought of an idea to connect educators with each other and help teachers share their lessons. BetterLesson, therefore, designed an open social platform to aggregate, organize and share their curricula and notes from classes K through 12th.

BetterLesson has up till now has tens of thousands of educators. Last year, the company’s 112-school charter network helped it to develop advanced and new features and bring them into their existing portfolio. According to reports, the company’s paying customers are over 200 schools, and is growing rapidly.