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GameChanger: Scorekeeping for Teams

GameChangerNow, you’ll never miss a game you’ll love. GameChanger offers you a service that allows you to collect, manage, and distribute live streaming game data for youth, high school, and college sports. With its mobile apps and web tools, it is gradually changing the way amateur sports team to get up- to- date stats. Basically, GameChanger gives you a scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream, and recap stories to everyone.

In every game, the Gamechanger online tools will deliver a play- by- play GameStream to the web browsers and mobile phone users, or to real- time scoreboard widgets hosted on the website of local news outlets, leagues, tournaments, travel teams and school. Continue reading

Mijura PriorityCenter – Innovative Management Software For Your Smart Business

Mijura-PriorityCenterManagement is one of the toughest jobs. Why? Because it needs organization, disciplining and efficiency of resources. PriorityCentre is a product that makes management easy. It manages your meetings and schedules, helps you stay connected with your team and keep you focused by highlighting your priorities.

PriorityCentre helps managers see what their team is working on, check their work, edit it and direct them. It keeps a tab of all the activities so that you know the overall picture of your projects and workers. Through PriorityCentre, you can also keep track of time spent on project/s to maintain efficiency.

The greatest advantage of using PriorityCentre is that you can check on your team even when you are holidaying. All you need it a computer that has an Internet connection. Holding a meeting while you are far away from your staff is a luxury that is now available. PriorityCentre saves the minutes while you type the directions to the attendees. You can, at any time, check the details of the meeting or the conversations you had with your workers.

Tracking progress is another job of a manager that PriorityCentre has made simple. It generates reports every week, month or year of your entire team and clearly shows you the outcome with simple graphs and charts.

It ensures that your data is safe by making backups everyday. 256-Bit SSL encryption protects a business and its employees. PriorityCentre is hosted with Zettagrid and Amazon.

PriorityCentre is flexible and adjusts with the size and structure of an enterprise comfortably. Nobody can say a product can replace the work of a manager, but it can surely make the managerial part easier. Faster and easier communication, and convenient data and analysis tools can make the management of a team faster and more efficient. And that is where PriorityCentre comes out to help.