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Hashtago – To Connect Brands Easily!

HashtagoFor all those who are not aware, Hashtago is a brilliantly designed SaaS solution that enables users to launch and manage cross-platform, promotion and marketing campaigns focused around hashtags. Hashtago is a website that deploys hashtags as an excellent tool designed for smart, result-oriented business dynamics. Working with hashtago, brands are able easily and quickly set up various hashtag focused marketing and promotion campaigns. Continue reading

MightyCall – For Small Businesses!

MightyCall LogoDo you own a small business or are you a novice entrepreneur? If so, you should realize the importance of creating the appearance of a big company for your small company, in order to attract more and more clients. One of the most important features that signify that your company is a big company is a toll free phone number. Continue reading

Librarika: Your free Library Information System Online!

librarikaDo you wish to create your own online library but thinking of the high hardware and software costs involved? Here is a solution for you, Librarika. You can easily create your online library at Librarika without any involvement of hardware, software or infrastructure cost. The best about the site is that it is 100% free for up to 2000 titles with multiple library branches.

Making online library at Librarika is easy and does not require any technical skills. Continue reading

Talibro: Online Accounting Software

TalibroTalibro is an online, intuitive, double entry accounting system for startups and small businesses. It is ideal for managing Account Receivables, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Inventory, and Financial Reports. To manage every small and medium business’s core financials, Talibro will be so useful.

With Talibro, you can make online invoices, automate recurring invoices, email them to each of your customers without attachments, and get paid through PayPal. Continue reading

KanbanTool: Smart Visual Project Management Application

KanbanToolKanbanTool is a groundbreaking visual project management solution for businesses that assists companies to make a significant improvement in productivity and efficiency. It gives online Kanban boards for managing projects and organizing work in distributed teams, in accordance with the Kanban method. Basically, it lets you visualize workflow, identify and eliminate holdups, and monitor the status of the project.

Basically, KanbanTool is a powerful web- based SaaS application with support for real- time collaboration that enables team to improve communication, and in extension, further productivity. Continue reading

Lander: Build Beautiful Landing Pages In No Time



You shouldn’t have second thoughts when creating a landing page since one wrong move can make everything worthless. And hiring a professional is out of the context as it also increases your expenses when trying to launch a product. However, a site like Lander can lend you a hand.

The basic premise of Lander is quite simple: It allows you to make beautiful landing pages for your social media, email, and online marketing campaign with the use of a simple step- by- step process.

With Lander you can have these beautiful landing pages created in no time at all. Continue reading

Ragic: Cloud Colloboration Tool For Everybody



Ragic helps you in letting your software fit you. It offers you super flexible CRM system, HR system, sales system, support system and DB applications. It’s tag-line ‘Don’t change to fit your software, let your software fit you’, sounds tempting.

On Ragic, you can easily find and install an application. You can browse their library for an application that is closest to your need. If you cannot find an app that you need, you can always make modifications on the one that is closest to your need.

Unlike the table-based approach, Ragic users are not required to create tables, relations, views or write any SQL. They only need to create the form for their users to fill in like they would in a spreadsheet. Continue reading

HiSocial: Do Online Promotion For Free



HiSocial is SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that allows you to create online promotions in Spanish and English in a quick and easy way.

Using HiSocial is very easy. You can create a promotion in just five minutes by simply accessing the registration page and following the instructions. HiSocial’s Online Assistance guides you through the process of creating the promotion.

For creating a promotion on HiSocial, you do not need any technical IT knowledge. Once you have created the promotion, the assistant will provide an HTML code that you can put on your website page where you want the promotion to appear. Continue reading

MapYourTag: Track Your Assets From Your Smartphone



MapYourTag is developed to assist small and medium-sized enterprises and others who need to track, manage and get traceability of their assets, equipments, resources, items etc.

It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that can be used from any regular web browser. It allows you to track the location and update the status of your asset from a smartphone or tablet PC.

In one single interface you can quickly get your QR code assigned to you with geolocation and updated status. Continue reading