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Bhaktimall: Digital Book Store

Bhaktimall: Digital Book StoreBhaktimall brings a lot of surprises for all spirituality lovers. For all those who are not aware, it is a mall’s digital version. Unlike a typical mall, it does create an illusion of joy or happiness , which is often meager and temporary in its appeal. On the other hand, Bhaktimall centers of offering transcendental, pure and lasting bliss to all lovers of spirituality. The mission of Bhaktimall can be best described as serving as an instrument guiding people to experience true happiness. Continue reading

Socialgimme: Creating Pages With No Codes

SocialgimmeSocialgimme is web application enabling people to create attractive and responsive pages without a lot of hassle or consuming a lot of time.  With the advent of the internet, businesses have streamlined their marketing operations with online marketing being the epicenter of their marketing campaigns. However, many businesses fail to understand the value of an attractive and a responsive design. Continue reading

Updatey: Track Your Project Easily!

UpdateYWith outsourcing growing at an enormous rate, employers are looking for different avenues through which they can track the work happening on the project remotely. There are various tools that allow employers to track the project progress. One of this is the UpdateY. If you are thinking UpdateY is yet another app or tool for project management, then you are highly mistaken. UpdateY is a unique and a highly efficient tool for project management. Continue reading

WorkSnaps : Connect Your Team Virtually With Time Tracking!

WorkSnapsOutsourcing projects has proved to be a boon to many firms, be it startups or established ones. However, organizations should also keep a tab on the amount of work finished by their contractor. There are many a times when organizations are not able to track the payments made to remote employees o workers and it may so happen that they pay them for the time for which they haven’t been at the desk. Indeed, such a situation is quite common and organizations have different ways to deal with this. Continue reading

Spacehoot – Promoting Your Business Was Never This Fun!

SpacehootSpacehoot is a uniquely designed website that guides several businesses in reaching out to thousands of people based in different parts of the world with their services, products and even messages at no extra cost. Ever since Spacehoot was set up, it has transformed into a highly popular online community and has helped several businesses promote their products and services.

To put it in simple words, Spacehoot is a well-designed social networking platform for marketers. Continue reading

Frendsdom – Make Online Social Circle Easily!

FrendsdomWith the onslaught of social networking sites, there are some that distinctly stand out from the rest. One such is the Frendsdom site. It is a general purpose, easy to use social networking site that is designed to expand the existing online social circle of the user.

The site is focused on getting more and more unknown, random people to sign up on the social networking platform. Though the site is designed for one and all, especially those who seek to make new friends from different parts of the world find this site extremely beneficial and user-friendly. Continue reading

Cliclock – Time Tracking For Freelancing!

CliclockIf you are a freelancing professional, keeping a track of time spent on various projects can indeed be a hassling task. However, you don’t have to worry any longer as clunky software at Cliclock website makes the job easy for you. Though, you can use the clunky software on your own, it is certainly a hassle to calculate the project time. Thus, you can always rely on Cliclock which makes the task simpler.

With Cliclock, professionals find it easy filtering and exporting their complete logged data in a hassle-free manner. Continue reading

Bestmerit – Recruitment Process With Online Examination System For HR Professionals!

BestmeritHiring new talent and retaining the existing ones is a challenge faced by every HR professional. You no more have to worry about hiring the best talent in the world  as Bestmerit is a website that enables HR professionals a one-of-its-kind opportunity to streamline their hiring and recruitment tasks.

Bestmerit is a website that offers complete ease to HR professionals, whether they are hiring in-house or for third-party clients. Continue reading

Calcwheel.com – Understanding How You Can Help Grow Your Business!

calcwheelThe Twitter bio for Calcwheel states “An innovative solution for building your online calculator and price comparison engine without any Information Technology skills.”  There isn’t any better description for this site which presents itself as a novel tool for product definition as well as a cloud-based search as well as recommendation online engine.

Calcwheel.com is an efficient site which is used by several businesses as an effective price comparison platform, online price calculator as well as serving as a sales associate for the business. Continue reading

Taskvilla – Hiring Becomes Easier!

TaskvillaOften for small-time enterprises, finding the right talent for the business can be a harrowing experience. Indeed, no business wants to hire wrong or incompetent employees. To find a right employee is one of the most perplexing tasks faced by the HR team of the small business.

Taskvilla helps small businesses to find right and competent employees for the business. Continue reading