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PROskore: Perk Up Your Professional Influence



At present, the biggest social network known to people that is firmly dedicated to determine the professional influence, is named before PROskore. It is a recently inaugurated business system that rates your media activity socially together with your professional experience history so as to create your grade that basically tells your professional influence. It ranks business professional manifold levels which include their fame and recognition throughout other networks namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Peer validation, professional history, and media popularity are also considered in scoring. The member of PROskore will be able to use these score to aid them in search for new business opportunities.

At the outset, it seems a lot like the well-known service, Klout, which evaluates the professional influence. However, according to PROskore’s CEO, Bill Jula, there are three main distinguishing elements that draw the line between the two sites. First of all, PROskore is generally created to help the professional business players like you to produce good business. It is also about the scores which are grounded on multiple factors in relation to business. Lastly, it generates you business and it is designed for networking. On the other hand, Klout is not for networking at all. Its scoring is also exclusively based on your influence on the social media scene which mostly only helps those advertisers and brands to develop their business more. Simply put, PROskore is a simple social ranking site which will help you boost your chances on business opportunities.

You can get your PROskore by signing up and creating a profile of your own. Then, you can easily take the needed steps to be on top of the game and get an adequate PROskore. All of these services are free but if you want to gain access on more connection and enhance your score, a member ship plan or PRO+ can be an option. With this, some verification are added to your own account to make the most of your PROskore.

While social influence is important to some group, professional influence can greatly take a long way. PROskore is yet another interesting venture that business professional should try.