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Litmind: Perfect Place for Professional Photographers!

Litmind logoDo you have an interest in Photography? Do you wish to have a career in this field? If yes, then here is the right solution for you, Litmind. It is the ideal place where you can come across models, stylists, professional photographers and modeling agencies meet to share work together. Now, you can easily find models for your advertisements, or banner production, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, modeling agencies and much more at one place.

Litmind helps you to organize your projects, shooting, occasions, concerts, events and castings within its work-groups feature. Continue reading

Flevy: The Business Documents Marketplace

FlevyFlevy is a marketplace for business documents specifically the ones that are used by people who work in a business function. The documents varies from Excel Financial Models to customizable PowerPoint Templates to “How- To” Business Frameworks. It basically helps those who are in the Marketing, IT, and Corporate Finance industries explore and access vital documents like:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Primer
  • LBO Valuation Model
  • Cost Drivers Analysis Framework
  • Research Report-cum-Financial Model
  • Crawl Walk Run PowerPoint Template Continue reading

GroupTalent: Hire Competent Tech Teams

GroupTalentBuilding a competent tech team is not exactly a walk in the park. But a new resource by the name of GroupTalent will allow you to hire a pre- assembled team of software engineers all at once. GroupTalent is the marketplace for high- end software projects that attracts and vets for only the highest paid developers and the best paying projects.

This is a great solution if you’ve thought of acquiring a team and not individuals. Whether you have an idea that needs building, or if your company is trying to branch out and you need to quickly get a competent team, then GroupTalent is for you. Continue reading

DeskAway: Online Project Collaboration



DeskAway is a new online project collaboration that incorporates some of the social networking elements in web based project collaboration. With this service, you are able to import basecamp data to DeskAway as well.

This service is perfect for teams who are collaborating for a project such as small- scale to medium- scale businesses, organizations, or even groups within large enterprises, for instance: creative and technology firms, consulting, HR, media, marketing, SEO, startups and non-profit organization.

DeskAway is founded by Synage Software in Mumbai, India. It delivers software as a service over the internet to the global audience. It offers very interesting features which include sound graphic charts elements to show reports, comparisons, timeline, and more. Continue reading

WorkMate: Easily Collaborate On Projects



WorkMate is a collaboration platform that helps you to manage your projects easily.

With WorkMate, you can organize all discussions on a project and create discussion and respond to them easily. Moreover, you can keep all your project files in one place for easy access.

You can upload all popular file formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, Photoshop, images etc. All you files that are within your project are available at nay time and from anywhere. Continue reading

Trapit: Find Personalized, Fresh Content from the Web



Trapit find great content from you from across the web. It learns your tastes and continues to deliver ‘on topic’ content, even as your tastes evolve.

The people behind Trapit browse the web on your behalf 24×7, organizing the best and the most relevant content into individual ‘traps’ on your favourite topics and interests for easy consumption. Traps can be based on current affairs, personal interests or projects, trending topics, companies, people, teams, events, towns and more.

It can be your lifelong passion, your favourite hobby or a hot issue of the day, you can easily find it all through Trapit. Continue reading

ThunderTask: Manage, Organise Your Work Activities; Save Time, Increase Productivity



ThunderTask is a task management application that helps you to organize your tasks and projects easily. The goal of  ThunderTask is to make you more productive by providing the best tools possible to make your organizational work as easy as it possibly can.

With ThunderTask, you can get better results in less time. It is a simple and a powerful tool for all kinds of management tasks and projects. You can organise your life and work with an easy to use task manager that is so easy to use that you will not even need a manual to understand how it works. Continue reading

Labguru: Plan Experiments, Track Progress & Monitor Results



Labguru is a service that enables you to easily define your research projects, protocols, milestones and experiments, and also manage your tasks and events in an integrated calendar.

With Labguru, you can emphasise the natural progression of scientific inquiry rather than time-lines. It enables you to define your research projects, milestones, protocols and experiments.

You can view your tasks, events and experiments, all in one place. You can also group experiments in milestones Continue reading

Zilicus: Manage Projects Easily Efficiently



Zilicus is an online project management system that allows you to collaborate on your project easily to empower your business.

Get your team involved in a complex project easily with Zilicus. It is very easy to create project plans, tasks, milestones, and to schedule, assign and give tasks to team members using Zilicus PM.

You can share project plans, online calendar, issues, risks, tasks, email alerts, documents or anything else you want to discuss with Continue reading

Simplify invoicing and task management with Bunker



Bunker is a platform through which you can manage your projects and invoices easily.

If you are looking for an app that can simplify the way you create and manage task lists, projects and invoices, you can do all that and more through Bunker. It allows you to assign projects to specific clients, set delivery dates for tasks, and send alerts when tasks are past their deadline. Bunker acts like a personal Continue reading