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Updatey: Track Your Project Easily!

UpdateYWith outsourcing growing at an enormous rate, employers are looking for different avenues through which they can track the work happening on the project remotely. There are various tools that allow employers to track the project progress. One of this is the UpdateY. If you are thinking UpdateY is yet another app or tool for project management, then you are highly mistaken. UpdateY is a unique and a highly efficient tool for project management. Continue reading

88 Miles – Your New Friend at Freelancing!

88 MilesSo you have just started freelancing and want an all inclusive tool to keep a track of your time that you spend on various projects? Well, 88miles.net is the answer for you. 88miles provides smart and simple web-based time tracks for all your freelancing projects.

If you are a freelancer, you surely understand and value the importance of every second spent on your client’s project. You are selling your time and it is essential that you keep a track of the number of hours that you have sold in a single day. Continue reading

PixDub- The New Exciting Photo Sharing App!

PixDub LogoThe craze for smart phones seems to be growing every day. With a new smart phone launched almost every second day in the market, buyers are becoming experimental with the smart phones they buy. With a sea of apps flooding the app market stores, buying a smart phone becomes even more exciting.

If you already own a smart phone, then you surely must have tried different apps on your phone. Continue reading

Teamspir.it – Helping Small Businesses Understand And Record Their Growth!

teamspir logoToday, most companies are facing intense competition which often leaves them perplexed about the right strategy to adopt and also how well to track its progress. Top company executives are often finding answers to questions like how well has their company fared in the last year, are they proceeding on the right track, what are their day to day achievements and who is assigned with what responsibility in the company. Continue reading

Gratifyapp – An Innovative Project Management App!

Gratifyapp LogoOne of the most exhausting tasks in a management is managing the efficiency of team along with work. Syncing the work and presenting it at the right time is the biggest challenge for a company or precisely for a project manager. Coordinating the team with the work and managing it efficiently is not an easy task. Gratifyapp allows you to focus on the most important projects firsts. Continue reading

HappyToDos – Makes Every Project Management Challenge Simple!

HappyToDos LogoThere is no dearth of finding project management equipment on the internet, with every tool having offering a different function of its own and helping teams to get things done easily. HappyToDos is one of its kinds that provide a similar approach to project managers with some amazing kinks. The software basically focuses on real-time reporting, mechanical scheduling and management of the priorities in an intuitive and simple interface. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom preview

Samsung Galaxy S4 ZoomNowadays only clicking the photographs is not important but editing and sharing them is equally important as well. Samsung, the leading smartphone producing company has launched a new camera Galaxy S4 Zoom which is a hybrid phone of point and shoot that comes up with a 10x optical zoom. This camera is the second device produced by Samsung with a 10x optical zoom after the Galaxy camera that was based on Galaxy S3. Continue reading

Healingstarpt: Get Physical Therapies!

healingstarpt Logo2In today’s fast moving world every second person is suffering from different kind of health related problems there are many medical treatments available but the holistic method of physical therapy is the best. It cures your problem without risking any long term complications. Physical therapy removes all the toxic waste from your body that causes pain or any disease. Now if you want to do join any course related to physical therapy or learn that how to do it by sitting at your couch then here is the solution. The website healingstarpt.com is designed especially for wanna- be –healthy people.

You can easily join with this website by simply signing in the sign-up account. Continue reading

MBAProjectSearch: Freelance Projects for MBA Students!

MBAProjectSearchEveryone is aware of the challenges that start-ups face while making a start of their career. Question like where to get a job, what options to choose, how to increase the pay scale are very important in the beginning of anyone’s career. Thus, eventually the most important thing on which you should rely is your talent.

A group of people who are down in working experience are ready to work for less than usual amounts: MBA students. Continue reading

GroupTalent: Hire Competent Tech Teams

GroupTalentBuilding a competent tech team is not exactly a walk in the park. But a new resource by the name of GroupTalent will allow you to hire a pre- assembled team of software engineers all at once. GroupTalent is the marketplace for high- end software projects that attracts and vets for only the highest paid developers and the best paying projects.

This is a great solution if you’ve thought of acquiring a team and not individuals. Whether you have an idea that needs building, or if your company is trying to branch out and you need to quickly get a competent team, then GroupTalent is for you. Continue reading