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Twitter Now Looks Like Facebook After Profile Redesign!

TwitterTwitter has changed, offering users a platform for a much more prominent profile. The new profile enables tweeters to have a bigger profile picture, personalized header, best tweets and even more : all leaving it looking rather like Facebook.

Users manage to advertise themselves, using their tweets, from their brand-new profile. Finest Tweets is a feature that implies tweets which have actually had more involvement will appear larger on a profile to make them much easier to find. Continue reading

BuenosAiresMusic: Complete Guide to Finding Live Music

BuenosAiresMusicBuenosAiresMusic is a clear, informative website that aims to be the one- stop spot for music lovers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jesse Rosenfield, founder of this site, wants to give artists, musicians, and teachers a way to showcase and promote their events in a way that would be highly visible to anyone.

When you enter the BuenosAiresMusic homepage, you get to see a big slideshow of upcoming events. And when you click on the little dots on the lower right hand corner, you can scroll through events by twos. These are the hotspots of the site, and this is where you want your band to be. Continue reading

Fundable: Raise Funding Online

FundableFundable is the first to take advantage of the Jobs Act, also known as the Crowdfunding Bill which allows startup companies to publicly raise money from anyone who wants to back them up. Fundable makes investing a lot more accessible, providing two ways to support companies, that is through rewards or equity.

The rewards earned by Backers range from product pre-orders, unique gifts, to special incentives by the companies’ founders in exchange for pledging capital. If you have larger investments, they can also offer equity in their companies. Continue reading

Xilora: Your Emotional Snapshots Network



Xilora is Emotional Snapshots Network. It is a composition of snapshots that show unique moments in your life. It is a great way to express what you’re feeling and share them with your friends or the rest of the world. Hence, you never get to spend important moments in your life unrecorded. And later on, you can go back in time and reminisce with your family and friends those moments that are frozen in time. Continue reading

Korrio Makes Your Sports Life Simple & Organized



Korrio is a great new platform for kids who are into sports. They have the single focus on kids and sports. Their mission is to transform the sports experience and elevate the level at which sports are played by automating the things that come in the way.

According to Korrio, they are the most advanced sports automation platform on the planet. It harnesses the power of next-generation web technology to make tasks simper and automatic. Continue reading

Life Crowd: Try Out Something New Every day

Life Crowd

Life Crowd

Lifecrowd is a destination that connects those who are eager to discover, join and share interesting new activities with others. And there is a host who guides them!

You get to experience something unique with every visit to Lifecrowd. If you are an enthusiast on Lifecrowd who ever wanted to try something different, whether it is brewing your own beer or stand upright on a paddle-board, you can get to learn to do is all on Lifecrowd. Continue reading

StreetID: Get Matched with Financial Institutions



If you want to be connected with the financial institution from around the world, you might as well join StreetID. StreetID is a search engine that matches any candidate to hiring managers created under criteria that were mutually specified. This gives everyone with a much more significant experience.

If you want to get started with StreetID, a detailed profile should be completed with information such as your education, work experience, and the languages you speak must be provided. A pre- determined criteria is going to be used when you fill different segments of the profile. This same criteria will also be use to individualize the talent Continue reading

Workomotion: Work Portfolios for Passionate Online Professionals



Workomotions is a team- centered specialized network. It basically focuses on the various projects you have practically done and those who you have worked with. The Workomotions team recognized the fact that showcasing your team projects is not an easy feat. For instance if you are a budding designer and wanted to have your very own portfolio, you can actually showcase your design, but almost all of the projects, whether online or offline, are involved with a qualified team of people, each having a different and unique skills.

In a nutshell, a website must be created, programmers must ensure the functionality of the codes, the photographer must deliver the photos on the page, and writers must write the copy and so on and so forth. Each of the members of the team should advertise their individual skills and portfolio. However, imagine if you could just endorse yourself as an essential part of the team and show what role you have played in a particular project and who you have teamed up with. This is where Workomotion takes root; it allows the people to promote and share their work with the entire world and encourage their other team members to actually do the same.

Basically, you could create profile in Workomotion and systematically add the projects you have worked on and encourage your team member to join. After that, you could communicate with your members and receive and hand out feedbacks on your projects. You could also follow other projects and other members so as to receive updates about their recent activities. Unlike any other websites where people could only provide recommendations to each other, Workomotion’s members have really worked together as one through their communications. If you are a businessperson finding for a team of freelancers, Workomotion is the place to be.

Constructed based on your skills and experiences, Workomotion will make it easier for you to fine better opportunities and work with your professional network and work portfolio.

Inveni – Discover New Movies And TV Shows Based On Your Taste

Inveni logoInveni is a new discovery website for movies and TV shows. Inveni will let you create your universal taste profile based on your recommendations. Inveni‘s intelligent recommendation engine counts user ratings and recommendations as well as friends recommendations and behavior.

The process is really simple and smooth, by following few steps you can jump into your taste profile. During the sign up process, Inveni will ask you to import your existing ratings from your Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes, Flixster, IMDB, Fandago, Best Buy, Criticker and Movie Web accounts. This helps Inveni‘s recommendation engine to refine and personalize your taste profile. You can also save your preferred genres to fine tune your tastes.

Each title has it’s own page, where user can comment, rate or recommend the movie also vote for similar titles. If the title is available on Netflix, a watch button will let you watch the title on Netflix. It will also let you buy the title from Amazon or rent it from Netflix.

Invenii provides a Firefox plug-in to the user which keeps them connected and updated with Inveni their profile and friends. It is also developing a native iPhone/iPad application which is currently in alpha testing stage.