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Guest Post: When You Ship One Product, Market Another

When is the best time to start your next sale? The minute you complete your first one. As soon as a customer opens a box that contains one of your products, that customer should find some piece of additional marketing material that helps set up the sale of the next product.

A lot of entrepreneurs skip this step, simply because they’re so busy with the work of packing and shipping products that they don’t take the time to add that extra piece of marketing. However, it’s often the little details like these that can make or break your business. Here’s how to add fresh marketing to each product you ship, and use your current sales to close the next ones. Continue reading

Reviewbuddy – Helping You Attract New Customers!

ReviewbuddyWith the competition among various businesses growing online, businesses have to rely on various tools and tactics to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. ReviewBuddy is a user-friendly tool enabling users to add customer reviews and opinions to your business website.

For all those who are not aware, ReviewBuddy appears like a small box that can be added to the business website. When you have incorporated this tool, it will start showing the average customer rating. Continue reading

e-ProductPlug – Shape Your Data Automatically!

eproductplugEver since eProductPlug was launched in the online space, it has played a pivotal role to reshape the delivery and retrieval of vendor-based product feeds to leading eCommerce business platforms like BigCommerce, Volusion and 3DCart.

Today, eproductplug has given a sense of empowerment to major online retailers by offering them an innovative and efficient solution that effectively and easily automates the inventory and product management cycle and also aids in easy handling of the entire process. Continue reading

ShipStation: A Web-Based Shipping Solution

ShipStationShipStation is a web- based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for your online business. It merges orders from various e- Commerce channels, makes shipping labels, and packs slips in batch.  Not only that, it also communicated tracking information to your customers. It is full of useful features such as Automation Rules, Order Tagging, and Product Defaults, that will enable you to systematize your business minus all the tedious manual data entry. Continue reading

The South View: Well-Defined Travel Videos

The South View“Text and photographs cannot adequately convey the sights and sounds of Latin America in promoting travel. Streaming video is an essential tool for travel companies and it’s the best medium to show your product.” – Richard Szkiler

And based on that premise, Richard Szkiler founded The View South, a service that produces adventure travel videos for travel companies in South America. This video production service is a concept that began in the understanding that majority of the travel operators is in need of video on their website.  Continue reading

Plimus: Increase Your Sales

Plimusin 2011, Plimus started with a simple idea, that is to help companies grow their e- Business by means of an efficient, flexible, and cost- effective e- Commerce backbone. And since commerce becomes more social and more technology channels become available to the consumer and purchases, open solutions should also keep up this face by employing a faster, easier, and more collaborative innovation in the purchase process. Plimus does exactly this and thus creating a competitive advantage through commerce innovation. Continue reading

Planwise: Plan Your Future Finances Wisely

PlanwiseFinancial security is one of the crucial concerns of people in every ages face today. Situated at the core of financial security is the ability to make good decision when it comes to credit products. In the event when you have to borrow money for your student loan, for a car, or a mortgage, the decision to get a loan is one of the single most important choices people will make about their financial futures.

Planwise addresses the question of having a financial security. This San Francisco- based technology company was formed in January 2011. Continue reading

SellMyApp: Marketing Help For Buyers & Sellers Of Apps



SellMyApp is an iPhone, android and other smartphone application marketing service that allows you to promote and market your app.

Through it, you can sell or license the source code of your app. It also allows buyers to get a quick start on mobile development.

Developers spend a lot of time in creating an app, but after it is ready, you do not know how to market it effectively. With SellMyApp, you do not need to wait to get started with marketing. Continue reading