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Nutmeg: Now Anyone Can Invest

NutmegNutmeg is changing the way people manage their money by its smart, secure, and straightforward online investment management tools. It is designed to be affordable, transparent, and available to everyone by bringing technology to finance. Its principles comprise of great design as well as an appreciation of feedback and a desire to always to more for its users.

Nutmeg is equipped with an innovative concept and it hopes that, through this, it can grab consumers at a timeout of disillusionment with banks and existing investment models. Its basic premise is that anyone of use can be a great investor. Continue reading

Motif Investing: Empowers People to Invest in Ideas

Motif InvestingMotif Investing inspires you to invest in a world of big ideas. If you see great and potential ideas, don’t let lack of investment options stop you from acting on those ideas. Essentially, a motif is a carefully researched and balanced collection of stocks that reflect a specific idea or trend. Begin by selecting a motif that intrigues you from the Motif Investing catalog. If it is right for you, invest in it as is, or customize it to your liking.

The startup aims to assist you in making it far easier to use common sense in investing. Continue reading