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HeySnails : Great Podium For Fir Virtual Children!

HeySnails logoOften kids get bored at home and indulge in late night TV watching activities and other bad habits. But now, you can avoid those conditions by giving your kids HeySnails. It is a great platform for the kids to develop their mental skills. It is a fun and safe and sound place for virtual kids which functions as a virtual hangout place for the kids. The kids can make friends from people around the world, chat and play many exciting games.

HeySnails is all about kids having the best time pass of their day. Continue reading

Questli: Play a treasure hunting game that combines virtual and real



Questli, as its name suggests, is a treasure hunting game with viral characters that combine the virtual world and the real world in a unique way.

Unlike many others treasure hunting games; Questli guides you through the real world where you have to complete tasks, visit places or answer questions in order to win money, coupons, rewards and discounts.

Questli is real fun. Because it is a crowd-sourcing game, anyone can create his own quests. The platform is Continue reading