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SolidOpinion: Discussion Makes You Engage

solidSolid Opinion is a an ideal platform if you are looking to transform a dull discussion into a engaged and self-moderated community that helps in promoting your content, so that you can earn a handsome amount of money every time your content is promoted through these self-moderated discussions.

Solid Opinion offers its users social points every time they partake and engage themselves in a discussion. Solid Opinion users will be earning social points every time they like, vote or post. Also, they get to earn these social points when an outsider is interacting or contributing to their post. Continue reading

Spacehoot – Promoting Your Business Was Never This Fun!

SpacehootSpacehoot is a uniquely designed website that guides several businesses in reaching out to thousands of people based in different parts of the world with their services, products and even messages at no extra cost. Ever since Spacehoot was set up, it has transformed into a highly popular online community and has helped several businesses promote their products and services.

To put it in simple words, Spacehoot is a well-designed social networking platform for marketers. Continue reading

Hashtago – To Connect Brands Easily!

HashtagoFor all those who are not aware, Hashtago is a brilliantly designed SaaS solution that enables users to launch and manage cross-platform, promotion and marketing campaigns focused around hashtags. Hashtago is a website that deploys hashtags as an excellent tool designed for smart, result-oriented business dynamics. Working with hashtago, brands are able easily and quickly set up various hashtag focused marketing and promotion campaigns. Continue reading

MinoCloud – Structured Data Made Easy!

minoCloud-logoSo you run a small business and find it cumbersome to store and search huge collections of data? Well, MinoCloud promises to be the answer to all your structured data worries. With MinoCloud, you no more have to store important data in notes or text files. You can start using MinoCloud for creating searchable and shareable collections of important information.

Using MinoCloud, you can organize any kind of information, be it sales data, customers’ profile, collectibles or even sports results.  The site has been designed to allow your to store your structured data in an organized manner. Continue reading

Frendsdom – Make Online Social Circle Easily!

FrendsdomWith the onslaught of social networking sites, there are some that distinctly stand out from the rest. One such is the Frendsdom site. It is a general purpose, easy to use social networking site that is designed to expand the existing online social circle of the user.

The site is focused on getting more and more unknown, random people to sign up on the social networking platform. Though the site is designed for one and all, especially those who seek to make new friends from different parts of the world find this site extremely beneficial and user-friendly. Continue reading

Calcwheel.com – Understanding How You Can Help Grow Your Business!

calcwheelThe Twitter bio for Calcwheel states “An innovative solution for building your online calculator and price comparison engine without any Information Technology skills.”  There isn’t any better description for this site which presents itself as a novel tool for product definition as well as a cloud-based search as well as recommendation online engine.

Calcwheel.com is an efficient site which is used by several businesses as an effective price comparison platform, online price calculator as well as serving as a sales associate for the business. Continue reading

Wibki – Offering An Exciting Platform For Website Users!

WibkiFor all those looking for an alternate and exciting way to share their web experiences, Wibki offers a great platform. With Wibki, you get an innovative platform for saving, sharing as well as discovering the World Wide Web.

If you have ever wondered what ideal browsing experience is like, then log on to Wibki and create your account. Wibki has been recently launched online and offers a pleasant browsing experience. Continue reading

Host Nun – Offering Chaste And Economical Web Hosting Platform!

1003196_1404811726400344_240497034_nHost Nun is a popular online service that is designed to provide affordable cloud hosting solutions to millions of public. The site states that it is their spiritual goal to foster and encourage the ethics of chastity, poverty, ascetic integrity and obedience across the vast web hosting network. The site’s founders are fervent practitioners and believers of the Monastic life. Continue reading

Kick Resume – Get Perfect Resume In Minutes!

Kick ResumeEvery job seeker requires a resume and it is the richness of resume that attracts the eyes of the employer. Thus, one needs to design his resume very professionally. Kick Resume allows you to design original Curriculum Vitae which can take your career to exceptional heights. It boosts your chance to get your dream job and give your career a kick-start.

Kick Resume helps you to create a CV in the simplest possible manner within minutes. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to design a CV at Kick Resume. Continue reading

MessageTheManager – Get Instant Feedback From Your Customers!

MessageTheManagerOne of its kinds, the MessageTheManager is an online tool that allows businessmen to get immediate feedback and answers through SMS. Yes, nowadays,every person has a cellphone and even business idea can change your phone into a feedback and suggestion box. MessageTheManager does the same for you. It collects the feedback, comments and suggestions of the customers and brings it to the businessmen. Continue reading