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Instantgram: Magnet Your Instagram Images!

Instantgram Logo2A number of times, you have so many Instagram memories which you want frame as little magnets and keep it with you all your life. Instagram provides you with a personalized printing facility which helps you get your special memories of Instagram images into amazing little magnets. Now, you no longer have to visit a print house to get your pictures printed. Surely, it is a great thing to watch your Instagram images online or on your phone but holding them in your hands and enjoying that feeling is even better. Continue reading

HeySnails : Great Podium For Fir Virtual Children!

HeySnails logoOften kids get bored at home and indulge in late night TV watching activities and other bad habits. But now, you can avoid those conditions by giving your kids HeySnails. It is a great platform for the kids to develop their mental skills. It is a fun and safe and sound place for virtual kids which functions as a virtual hangout place for the kids. The kids can make friends from people around the world, chat and play many exciting games.

HeySnails is all about kids having the best time pass of their day. Continue reading

Group Gel – The Fun Way To Manage Groups!

Group GelGroup Gel is a unique website that connects people of similar interests and hobbies. As the saying goes “United we stand, divided we fall”. Group Gel lets you unite and interact with your group in an easy and fun way. At group gel, one can create groups, send messages to all the members together, conduct surveys, schedule events and lots more!

The man behind Group Gel, John Marshall is a groupie himself and has been involved with and managed several groups including the YMCA, Entrepreneur’s Organization, American Cancer society and so on. He always wanted to create a platform that could simplify their group activities and let them communicate in an easier manner. Continue reading

Airport Lost and Found: Reunite with Your Lost Belongings

Airport Lost and FoundWhen you’re traveling, there’s a chance that you might forget or lose your belongings in the airport. That’s why Airport Lost and Found offers a solution to this recurrent problem. As a global and fully integrated system, Airport Lost and Found prides itself with a 78% rate in returning a wide range of valuables to their rightful owners. Continue reading

Streetgram: Search Instagram Photos Quickly

StreetgramInstagram is probably the most- used and popular mobile photo app to download. It has now more than 80 million registered users who have shared more than 4 billion photos.

A new app called Streetgram allows you to conveniently browse through the numerous photos of Instagram. It mainly focuses on the user experience more than anything. You can benefit from the maps to explore the newest geotagged photos, build your own collections, and explore user profiles and discover places around you. Continue reading

Aviary: Web and Mobile Photo Editing Tools

AviaryAviary is a collection of online tools designed to bring creativity to the cloud. The focus is mainly on graphic work which basically includes photo, vector, and palette editors, but an online audio editor is also available. What’s more is that each app has a unique look and feel.

Phoenix image editor is perhaps the best app. It features support for layers, special effects, masks, and a lot more! However, one flaw lies in its load times Continue reading

Woven Picture Memories

WovenWoven is a viewing app launched by the company that has brought you lilt webbook. It is mainly concentrated on assisting people enjoy their treasured photo collections by innovative but simple apps. desktop software, and supporting services. With this, you can enjoy your precious photos.

Woven, which is a delightfully simple photo viewing app allows you to gather your photos from a wide range of online and offline sources and pull them all together for an on the go viewing and storytelling. Continue reading

Cinegif: An Easy GIF Generator

CinegifGIFs are the cool viral trend that is bringing our treasured photos and videos to life. If you are having difficulties making one, then the Austin- based Tech Company, Cinegif can help you create the most awesome GIFs in an easy way. Their cloud- based platform makes everything easier and more convenient for professionals to generate high quality GIFs that will surely impress their audience.

The patented video conversion software of Cinegif allows marketers to communicate and tell a story minus all the fuss like the file size, complexity, and cost of traditional video. Continue reading

PlaceFull: Instantly Book Parties And Events

PlaceFullA good place for an event should not be hard to find and book, especially if you don’t have much time on your hands. A startup called PlaceFull makes it easier to find and book space online instantly for parties and events. It is changing the way we find and reserve spaces online.

Based in Seattle, PlaceFull transforms online bookings of space. It offers people who are preparing events real- time bookings, photos and powerful scheduling tools. With this, you can do away with bookings through phone calls. Continue reading

Motorola Atrix HD- Motorola’s New Flagship

Motorola Atrix HDWell here is another good thing why to be an American. Motorola has introduced their new flagship device called Motorola Atrix HD, which is going to be a replacement for the already old Motorola 4G that was the center of attention last year. This phone is a well-made replacement and it is full of potential, as it should be, minding that is representing one of the biggest GSM companies in the world as its flagship.

The Motorola Atrix HD is a full blooded little monster, packing a lot of heat under a superbly made casing which by itself is splash proof and made out of Kevlar. Continue reading