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Want to Celebrate Pride? Facebook Launches Rainbow Filter to Celebrate US Marriage Equality

Facebook Launches Rainbow Filter to Celebrate US Marriage EqualityThe social media network Facebook has launched a feature named ‘Let’s Celebrate Pride’, which puts a rainbow filter over your profile picture with a single click. Just head over to Facebook’s new ‘Celebrate Pride‘ page, and also you’ll see a preview of your profile picture with the transparent rainbow overlay. If you like exactly how it looks, click the button ‘Use as Profile Picture’ and voila – Facebook will instantly update your profile image.

‘From everybody at Facebook, Happy Pride!’ the site reads. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the brand-new feature to jazz up his own profile picture on Friday, as well as created a separate article celebrating the historical ruling. Continue reading

Skype for Web Beta Lets You Make Calls from Your Browser Now Open To All US And UK Users

Skype for Web Beta Lets You Make Calls from Your BrowserSkype has been available as a mobile application and also desktop computer application for some time, today, for the very first time, you could access the service’s web-based customer in order to immediate message and video call your friends.

The web application is now available as an open beta, Microsoft has actually announced. The beta first debuted in last year, permitting specific people to test it using an invite-only system, and now everyone could join, as long as they’re living in the United State or United Kingdom and using among a few specific web browsers on either a Windows or Mac equipment. Continue reading

Dropbox is Working With a Beta Note-Taking Application, Called Dropbox Notes

Dropbox NotesDropbox is totally taking on Google Docs, or a minimum of that’s what it looks like, as evident by the company’s most current beta test.

Dropbox has silently launched a sign-up webpage for something called Dropbox Notes. The web page indicates Dropbox is working with a ‘New way for groups to write with each other’ and asks about people to sign up for notifies when a early version launches. The company has actually not announced when or if the service will certainly ever before launch for customers. It’s also possible the service could be aimed toward businesses. Continue reading

YouTube Simply Made GIF Creation as Easy as a Click !

YouTubeThe internet loves a great GIF There are lots of tools for making them yet YouTube has just launched its very own that should make them even simpler to produce, eventually indicating more remarkable GIFs.

YouTube has quietly added a button in its Share menu called GIF. This allows a person to pick a clip of a video, as much as six second, include text at the top or bottom if essential & have it instantly became a GIF. The outcome is a short link that can be copied and pasted right into a website or shared. Continue reading

Google Glass Basecamps Look to Close US and London, Yet You’ll Never Ever Suspect the Reason Why !

basecampGoogle seems shutting all Google Glass Basecamp stores, it’s said.

9 to 5 Google just recently spotted a post on Google+ from Spencer Kleyweg, a Google Glass developer, which pointed out that Google was no longer accepting scheduled appointments for Glass support at Google Basecamps.

The concluded that the physical retail stores – which are mostly used for showcasing trials, technical support, and also one-to-one appointments for Glass across the United States and in the UK – are doomed. Continue reading

Skype Coming to a Browser Near You, Works Without a Committed Client… !

SkypeMicrosoft has announced that it will soon make available a version of Skype that runs in a web browser. That means you will certainly manage to almost use any device to make a Skype call or communicate with family, friends or colleagues, not merely one with a desktop client or app set up.

Skype for Web will certainly be launched in a beta version and will run in a browser window throughout all web browsers, consisting of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome, so you can also use it in an Internet cafe far from home. All of your profile information & contact will be promptly accessible once you sign in. Continue reading

Want to Know Who Reads Your Tweets? Twitter’s Analytics Dashboard Reveals All!

logTwitter no more longer just favors validated customers: beginning today, any person can track tweets.

Twitter presented an analytics feature last month, but it limited the feature to anybody with a blue check on their profile. But now the business has opened up the feature to everybody. In other words, if you would like to know exactly how your tweets are performing, merely have a look at the brand-new Activity Dashboard. Continue reading

Twitter and Stripe Could Launch ‘BUY’ Button This Year, So You Can Shop From Tweets!

Twitter-shoppingTwitter has been working with Stripe to kick off an eCommerce effort, it’s claimed. Since Twitter is a public company, it needs to boost revenue and  keep shareholders happy. That said, ever since last winter season, reports have actually asserted the company is thinking of tackling eCommerce. A lot more specifically, Twitter wants to allow users purchase products straight from tweets.

Twitter was obviously near authorizing a manage payments Start-up Stripe in January. It now shows up a deal in between the two firms has actually ultimately been struck, base ding on tech information blog Recode. Continue reading

Microsoft OneDrive Application Lands for BlackBerry 10 Gadgets!

OneDriveMicrosoft’s cloud storage space service has ultimately made its way to BlackBerry through an application called Connect to Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft announced earlier this year it is relabeling Sky Drive, its cloud storage space service, to OneDrive, adhering to a claim in the UK from media business BSkyB. Since the rebranding adjustments have finally shown up, along with some amazing brand-new features, Microsoft has actually given BlackBerry 10 gain access to. Continue reading

BrainCert – Your E-learning Platform!

BrainCertCheck out the safe and powerful, simple to understand tools to learn, educate and communicate online with BrainCert. It is an online virtual classroom program that provides an interactive and collaborative virtual learning experience.  yes, it is easiest form to learn, education and interact on a global platform.

Commenced in 2000, BrainCert is a well-known e-learning medium to connect people and offer top-notch education in a simplified manner. The site perfects in offering state of the art online test techniques. Continue reading