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PostalShout – Send Postal Mail Directly From Your Desktop

PostalShout-logoPostalShout is an awesomely brilliant innovative platform that lets you sending your letter directly from your desktop as well as you will have lots of opportunity to make your letter pretty and manageable with its templates. For businesses, it might be a very useful tool to deal with postal issues.

The idea behind the PostalShout is simple but very smart. First you have to download templates from PostalShout. Templates are available for Microsoft office 2003 and 2007 as well as for openOffice writer. Now write your letter in the template, add return address, recipient address in the defined box and then email it as an attachment to PostalShout. After that PostalShout automatically prints the letter, folds it and inserts it in an envelope. Finally it sends your letter with first class mail. Once the letter is sent you will get notification that your mail has been sent. So you don’t need to be tensed about your mail.

PostalShout will dramatically save your time and enhance your business. You don’t have to buy stationary, stamps and envelope to send letters. Moreover you don’t need to go to post office and it will get rid of long queue hassle for you.  In addition PostalShout is scalable, you can use it for your home needs as well as for a large enterprise.

Some awesome features at a glance:

  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective and time saving
  • Hassle free, no printing, no folding or no stamping
  • Reliable and secure

PostalShout pricing is very simple and no setup fee and no monthly subscription fee. PostalShout is also offering free trial and its support team is always ready to provide necessary help & support to user without cost.