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Quotty: Quotes and Business Proposals!

Quotty LogoWith the advancement in the online tools, starting up a business is easier than before. Anyone and everyone can design a quality websites nowadays. So, it is very important to have a competitive edge over the other competitors. One way to stand out of the line which will separate the trendy from the gaudy is sheer professionalism and an exclusive way to display this is by providing the clients the best quality proposals and sales quotations.

Quotty is an online platform to handle the professional service, an instrument to create small sales quotations and business proposals and efficiently take care of clients activities. Continue reading

The War Room: Entire Fantasy Sports at One Location!

The War Room logoEvery time you desire of talking about Fantasy Sports, you don’t know whom to connect with, whom to talk to? Here is a place where your fantasy sports are placed together, the War Room. The War Room is a sole social online platform crafted especially for Fantasy sports. It permits you to talk to crap to your friends about just nothing, take their fantasy advice and even see the other user’s fantasy leagues.

It also provides you to connect to more than 50 of the best Fantasy news sources along with Twitter to ensure that you get the recent and mist correct fantasy updates available on the Internet. Continue reading

MediaGuestConnect: A Meeting Place for Media Organizations and Talents

MediaGuestConnectIf you dream of sharing your stories in a wider audience but don’t have any idea as to how you might accomplish that, then Media Guest Connect might be the perfect solution. It may just be your stepping stone to be seen or heard. Media Guest Connect (MGC) is an online platform where media organizations and guests connect with one another. MGC provides a convenient place to meet for all the interested parties. It offers a broad, accessible community with great potential for expanding audiences. Continue reading

Payhip: Sell Your eBooks for Free

PayhipFinding a publisher for your book is no easy matter. Payhip.com offers an alternative to the problem. It is an online platform that allows you to sell your eBooks online for free, without having to go through the tedious process of finding a publisher. It is using the secured services of Paypal. Signup completely free of charge and what’s best is that Payhip doesn’t charge for its services as well. All your profits are yours to keep. Continue reading

VoThink.Us: Express Yourself



The time is ripe for a change in the way we run elections. It is time that we use an approach that is easy. And with the advent of the internet, online election seems to be the most palpable change available allows you to execute flawless voting while connecting your membership with your organization.

VoThink.Us, the independent, non-partisan platform responsible for organize worldwide elections and referendums and express your opinion. It is a self- administered online voting software for your organization. The app, which is hosted in the cloud, allows tocreate customized electronic elections in a protected online environment. Continue reading