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Paperwork.Pro – Online File Cabinets For Paperless Business Management

Paperwork.ProPaperwork.Pro is a cloud based provider that offers filing cabinets electronically so that you can make the documentation of your company easier, orderly and available 24×7. It is a great way to keep your data safe and easily accessible.

The greatest strength of Paperwork.Pro is that it is very easy to use for both organizations and the users. The organization just has to send email invites to users who would want to file their data with Paperwork.Pro. These customized emails have a link and an access code. Users can easily click on the link and enter their access code to join the organization and access their cabinet. Think of it as a locker. You put the key and get access to your stuff. The only difference is that Paperwork.Pro can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. And that is what makes it desirable.

Security is one of the issues that is important to anybody who keeps data electronically. Paperwork.Pro does look like it has prioritized security. It encrypts all data with 256-bit SSL certificates that is transmitted over public networks. It verifies the user’s identity through SMS text message. It gives uttermost protection from hackers by constantly finding and eliminating hacking trials.

A major advantage of Paperwork.Pro is that it cut out all paperwork and with it the headache of having to keep, manage and look through piles and piles of files. Easy filing and search can get you to the exact file you want within seconds. Electronic filing is always faster, connected and more secure.

It is easier to audit data of an organization or a larger group when you have easy access to shared information. Paperwork.Pro complies with industry standards and government regulation for data so you cannot go wrong there.

I think it is the newness of technology that makes many wary of it. But the ones that embrace this newness are the ones that benefit the most from it.