Attunity recieves $3.55 million from Microsoft for OEM deal



Attunity, a real-time data integration and event capture software provider, gets $3.55 million OEM deal from Microsoft. The funding is a result of a 2008 agreement under which Attunity will supply Microsoft with Change-Data-Capture (CDC) and Open-Data-Base-Connectivity (ODBC) components.

The company has been, for almost two years, been supplying enterprise-class software solutions to businesses and organizations. Attunity offers software solutions such as Attunity Stream, a real-time CDC software; Operational Data Replication solution; and Attunity Connect, a real-time connectivity software, Attunity Power-Connectors for PowerPivot and SSIS, Attunity Federate and Attunity StreamFlow (data replication).

Businesses benefit from Attunity’s products by getting real-time access to information easily and fast across most technologies and in the cloud. Thousands of organizations all over the world use Attunity’s software.

Shimon Alon, Chairman and CEO of Attunity, said about the funding, “Our established relationships with OEM partners such as Microsoft have allowed us to advance our position as a leader in supporting large and small enterprises manage their big data and use the cloud. The proceeds from these payments will be used to further advance and finance the expansion of our product and service offerings, including our recent acquisition of RepliWeb.”

Earlier in September, Attunity acquired RepliWeb Inc., a file replication and file transfer technology firm for $7.8 million.

Attunity is a company that was born in Israel although they list their headquarters as at Burlington, U.S. It has top companies as its strategic and OEM partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP, Business Objects and Cognos.