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ER Advisor: Check Your Symptoms

ER Advisor

ER Advisor

Need medical attention but have little time on hand? Try ER Advisor, a service online that helps anyone find out whether such illness is serious or not. Just simply enter the symptoms and the ER Advisor team can help you analyze them.

This helpful site is created by Mike Hartmmann, BSc, MPH, an epidemiologist, along with a web developer, both of whom wanted to give a hand to those burdened on hospitals. As a rule, people go to ER to find medical attention whereas they can get them somewhere else instead. So, ER Advisor took one step ahead by consulting nurses, doctors, and other epidemiologists and created a site for such cause. Continue reading

Aventura, Complete software solution for doctors and nurses, raises $13 million



Aventura, a Denver based software solution company, has raised $13 million in its very first round of institutional venture funding. Major investors include HLM Venture Partners, Excel Venture Management and Siemens Venture Capital.

The company provides solutions to hospitals through fast, secure and effective computer applications and tools. Aventura has developed a framework that works with people on the go because most of the nurses and doctors at hospitals and clinics need to be in motion most of the time. This is the greatest strength of this software.

The company talks about Aventura as the virtual desktop world based on one thing: How doctors and nurses actually work. They have researched a lot of hospitals and clinics, studied the environment and the needs before developing the product. Aventura is the complete software solution for the exact needs of healthcare organizations.

For ease of access where many nurses might be using the same desktop, Aventura has come up with an innovative method. Every user holds a card that s/he needs to tap at a device below the monitor, and after entering the password, h/she gets access to what she had left the desktop with. This way multiple people can use the same computer yet retain their last working page when they log-on again.

Aventura comes with instant sub-5 second log-on and log-offs, automatic updating and back-end EMR printing. The best part is that Aventura does not need you to upload to add anything to your computer. It works with what you already have.

Howard Diamond, CEO, brought the start-up, Course Technology, an education venture, to $75 million in five years. With a team of experts and an investment of $13 million, Aventura can sweep into hospitals and clinics with its innovation and usability.