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Healthcare Gizmo vs Entertainment Guru!

The only common interest these two phones share is the design of the camera. Samsung Galaxy S5 has HDR(Rich tone) effect that creates greater range of luminosity. The pictures taken are simply more vivid and intensified. With this depth, the length of shooting is nevertheless condensed, Fast Auto Focus is what will happen when what is happening. To compete this, HTC ONE M8 has its rival feature of UFocus, which takes pride of its cunning in bringing blurry objects into focus before or even after the shoot. The complete panorams view your entire world 180° x 360° with simple tilt controls and leveling line. Both phones are also providing default App storage and link with Google Play, among others, to reinforce your think tank. Continue reading

First Ever Nokia Lunch X, X+ and XL Series Android phones!

nokiaThis week at the Mobile Globe Congress reveal in Barcelona, Nokia introduced a new collection of low-cost smartphones for arising markets that are very vital. Nokia, a prospective Microsoft Company, uses Android on these brand-new phones, yet as an alternative of utilizing Google services, it supplies Microsoft solutions rather.

Most people think that if a vendor uses Android as a mobile or tablet operating system that it needs to bundle Google’s solutions such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Docs and supply direct hyperlinks back to Google solutions so Google can obtain the advertisement income that comes from these tablets or phones. Continue reading

Samsung Announces 5.1-inch Galaxy S5 Smartphone!

galaxys5charcoalBLACk02-580-100Today at the Mobile World Congress wireless program in Barcelona, Samsung revealed its most recent flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S5. Samsung mobile top dog J.K. Shin opened up the presentation by sharing his firm asked customers just what they most wanted in a phone. The solutions boiled down to a need for simpleness, nice style, physical fitness functions, long battery life and a great electronic camera.

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Pebble’s New Smartwatch – The Pebble Steel For $249 Will Ship From January 28, 2014!

steel-silver-front-400-786fdb056101d49721da42b3d5243efaSmartwatch pioneer Pebble is introducing something everyone has been waiting for at CES this year: new hardware. But the hardware isn’t so new that it throws the baby out with the bath water– any software developed for the current Pebble will work with the new one, and vice versa. And there’s something new for everyone, since Pebble is also announcing the launch window for its application store and new parter software. Continue reading

Newsibly – Your One Stop News Source!

Newsibly LogoIf you are a working professional, you would surely agree to the fact that the world is now a busy place to live. There are several significant events happening every day and there is equal number of news outlets that cover the stories as they occur in different parts of the world. Indeed, many of these news outlets cover the not-so-important stories like celebrity affairs and scandals and such other nonsense happening all across the world. Continue reading

FindYogi – Justify MRP And Feature Ratings For Every Gadget!

FindYogi LogoWe always prefer buying the best gadgets at the lowest possible rate. But, how often do we make a comparison to find out whether the gadget is worth the price at which you are ready to purchase it for? Well, if your decision to purchase something gives you happiness, then FindYogi realizes its responsibility of making purchases simpler for you. It helps you to determine whether the current MRP of the product is justified for it or not. Continue reading

Circcle : Keeps You Updated With The Latest News!

Circcle logoEveryday you see different sections of news, be it sports, news, entertainments and politics on different websites to keep yourself updated. However, you come across the most repeated news on every site. But here is a website which provides you with everyday’s latest updates in every field. Circcle ensures that it brings to its readers the news and videos of the latest happenings of the world and top stores in the business, entertainment, politics, and sports sectors.

Circcle keeps its readers informed with the top news with ease. Continue reading

DiaryMemo: Online Video Diary

DiaryMemoDiary Memo is a website that brings the tradition of recording your daily thoughts into the digital, video age. It is a website where you can keep private, online video diary. With this, you can simply record video entries about your thoughts and activities. It is fast and easy way to preserve your reflections, more accommodating with current modern schedules and technology. Continue reading

Summer: The Content Enrichment Platform You Need

SummerSummer is a content enrichment platform that adds a social and visual layer onto existing online context. In this regard, you are able to engage your users more intently while enhancing the online reading experience in the process. In its basic premise, Summer makes everything a lot easier for online users to get a far- reaching and useful snapshot on just about anything, may it be people, companies, and other topic that you basically find interesting within pages you visit all over the web. Continue reading