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Google Play Music Subscribers Get Access to YouTube Music Key !

YouTube Music KeyWhen Google announced its new songs subscription service, YouTube Music Key, it mentioned that clients would certainly additionally get access to Google Play Music’s streaming service. Well, it appears like as if it’ll work the other method, also- Google has actually started sending notes to Google Play Music All Access subscribers that they’ll obtain access to YouTube Music Key, and also during the beta period to boot. It’s unclear whether Google Play Music subscribers will acquire a crack at the introductory $7.99 price or if they’ll still pay the $9.99 that Google Play Music charges each month. If you’re not during that boat and desire an invite to YouTube Music Key, you can register here.

Microsoft is Slowly Prepping OneDrive for Music Storage !

onedriveYou understand all that OneDrive storage Microsoft’s been giving away recently? Turns out there could possibly be a new way to put it to make use of quickly; music storage space. A tipster to Windows Central points that going to this hyperlink will immediately create a folder for your listen Redmond’s cloud ecosystem, and when the feature officially hits it’ll apparently bring an extra 20GB of cost-free storage space with it as well. A few graphics suggest that there’ll be a web version, as well. We’ve embedded one from Windows Central after the break. Oh, the service apparently will not cost anything (Just Like Google’s Music Locker) and also your music will come throughout a range of devices consisting of Windows 8.1 computers, phones and tablet computers; browsers and also, of course, Xboxes. Not that the Xbox One in fact requires any sort of extra media options mind you, however more are always welcome.

Billboard and Twitter Team up to Bring Real-Time Music Sharing to Concentrate!

twitter+BillboardBefore we surrounded our way into digital music, there were the Billboard charts. Those ranking relied on album sales to rank popularity of music. since going digital, Billboard’s ranking system has actually decreased a little bit, as we looked to iTunes sales charts to locate music we would like to attempt. With their partnership with Twitter, Billboard is putting themselves back on the map. The Trending 140 establishes out to provide a real-time run-through of just what songs are being shared the most, which certainly could alter dramatically over a period. By assessing the sharing metrics on Twitter, Billboard hopes to provide a better concept of exactly how music is offered up, too. Continue reading

Sonos Adds Support For Google Play Music, Featuring Casting From Play Music Android App!

Sonos-google-play-musicGoogle Play Music is today including native support for Sonos, permitting Android users stream songs to the hi-fi speaker devices more easily. The ability to send out music directly to the preferred speakers is now baked right in, doing away with the have to make use of Sonos’ Controller application. Google Play Music is the very first significant solution to supply this level of built-in Sonos combination, and it was achieved thanks to a tight partnership between the two companies. “As we continue to invest in the method you experience and control your music in the home, curating and managing an array of services across multiple rooms, the benefits of playing your music to Sonos directly from these extremely services is clear,” Sonos claimed in a blog post. Continue reading

FameTune – Reimagine The Way You Listen Music!

Fametune LogoHave you gone bored listening to the same boring music again and again? Fametune brings you the most innovative to listen to music for free. Reimagine the way you hear your favorite composition and listen them for free without the need of audible ads or any kind of interruptions or breaks and in return earn real money in exchange of your time. Continue reading

Soundice – Enjoy Unlimited Free Music!

Soundice LogoMusic is something which people love to hear every time, while working in the office, sitting leisurely at home or driving. However, you don’t have many platforms to help you exercise your favorite music without any interruption. But with Soundice, you don’t have to face any such problems now. Now you can get an access to music without paying any cost. The software even allows you to create your own playlist or listen to some amazing tracks through the existing one. It is the best idea to keep all your all-time favorite tracks at one place Continue reading

Jellynote – Get All You Need To Play The Best Music!

Jellynote LogoThinking of becoming a musician? Wish to get social with your musical talents? If yes, then there are dozens of activities you need to consider to start your musical career. A musician needs to keep a track of all his working sheets, music, videos and much more. Jellynote allows you to do all this in the simplest manner. It is a social platform for aspiring musicians. All you need to do is upload your compositions and find original covers of others. Continue reading

Cover-Universe : Largest Cover Photo Site For Your Facebook!

Cover logo1Who doesn’t want to impress his friends with the best Facebook cover? Everybody loves to flaunt the best cover photo which is praised by everyone. Now here is a site which provides you with the best and trendiest cover photos to your Facebook profile. Cover-Universe allows you to go through some of the top used Facebook cover photos and you will be able to find out whether your photo is still the top most sought after image or it needs to be changed.

Cover-Universe has every Facebook cover which you think should be covered. Continue reading

Eventot : All Events At One Site!

Eventot logoWell, everyone wonder about the latest buzz of the town, city or world. Sometimes you wish to find out what’s going in your city so that you can participate in it. For others, it’s always party time during weekends and they prefer to find an event to chill around with friends. To get an up to date knowledge of the events happening around the world, you have Eventot. It simply takes you around the world, to the place you want to go! Find out about the latest events happening across the world and get connected with your friends.

Eventot allows you to follow your friends about their location and see their daily plans. Continue reading

AweSweet : See the Positivity around You!

AweSweet logoPositivity and optimism relish your mind and heart. Every time you see something awesome around you, you cherish it. The same thing is done by AweSweet. It is a social networking website which allows you to share and find out the awesomeness of the world around you! It is great to see good things and praise them.

You have access to large number of contests, prizes, establishing connection with other awesome contacts and voting on awesome photos, videos and other items. If you like the pictures and videos, you click awesome and if you don’t like them then you click lame. Continue reading