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Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse – Naga Competitor

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming MouseLogitech has been making high quality peripheral devices for a while and has deserved to be on top of the market, because of the price to quality ratio that they are offering. Between the plethora of devices they offer, they have a part that is specially made for gamers and between them the G600 found its place. This mouse is specially made as a response to the Razor Naga which has been named a king of the MMO mice.

This monster of a mouse has a bit of a silly name, that doesn’t tell its real power. Continue reading

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard – All You Need For Your Tablet

Microsoft Wedge MobileAs we have seen the time of the hybrids is coming. All of the major manufacturers have seen that the tablet itself is not that comfortable to work on so they are joining the hybrid race. Windows 8 is coming this way and it is expected in the fall. For this the manufacturers are making new tablets and hybrids. For the regular tablets there are a lot of solutions that will make them more comfortable and Microsoft is joining this game.

They introduced on the market a Bluetooth mobile keyboard that comes together with the smallest mouse and a casing that can be used as a stand for the tablet itself- this keyboard will be usable with all the windows tablets. Continue reading

HP TouchSmart 520 – At The Tip Of Your Fingers

HP TouchSmart 520We have already reviewed HP’s Omni27, all-in-one PC. Even though we were pretty happy with it, we have noticed some flaws one of which was that it lacked a touch screen.  Anyway a 27 incher is uncomfortable to use in a multi-touch surrounding so this version with its 23 inch is a much better choice.

TouchSmart 520 with its concept doesn’t differ much than the Omni27. The main difference is the touch screen. It has a standard resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The color reproduction is natural and well set from the start. The screen manufacturer is not listed but according to the view angles it should be an IPS matrix screen with a LED backlit. Continue reading

Steelseries Sensei – Proffesional Revision

Steelseries SenseiThis time we are reviewing two mice from  the same company, so if someone missed the last text about one of their new revised babies, it was a masterpiece that costs less than 50€ and it is called Kinzu v2 Pro. Steelseries has revised, also, one of the top gaming mice that was screamed about and shouted for. It is their pinnacle of engineering and it has been reincarnated.

The previous mouse model that we were revising was an upgrade of a “worker” mouse. On the other hand the Sensei is a “master” of all disciplines, that’s how it got its name, which in Japanese means teacher. Continue reading

AirMouse – Natural Way Of Using A Mouse



Everyone has heard about people getting injuries from over excessive usage of a mouse. Someone would find this funny, but some people have a lot of problems because of it. This was the case with the inventor of the AirMouse. This is called RSI (repetitive stress injuries) and it is a real medical condition. The inventor had a real injury that disabled the usage of his hand for a month, because of this. So when he went online searching for the optimal mouse and when he couldn’t find it, he had an idea to make his own mouse that would not cause him pain and stress. So he came up with this little device. Continue reading

Razer Hydra – Motion Sensor Nunchuk For Your PC

Razer Hydra

Razer Hydra

Razer has been on the market for a while and they surprised the gamer consumers a lot of times with their innovative products. They have some of the best gaming mice and controllers, in our reviews we have reviewed their laptop that is supposed to turn heads and brake standards, but this is the first controller they made that is supposed to rival the motion sensors for the gaming consoles like the Xbox, Nintendo Wii and Play Station.

The controller works on a principle of magnets and there are two nunchuk controllers that are used next to a center station that has a glowing ball in the middle. Continue reading

Alienware X51- A Great Little Monster

Alienware X51

Alienware X51

If you are a hardcore gamer and at the same time you wish to have a stylish home with no wiring clutter or a big piece of hardware in your living room then X51 is the choice for you. This desktop computer made by Alienware is made to be a part of the room and still be a gaming desktop that will give you a great gaming experience.

Alienware X51 has everything that a regular gamer needs in a small package. The overall dimensions are a bit bigger than a Xbox 360. It is made out of sturdy black plastic with the Alien logo on the front side which you can rotate in the case you wish to put the housing on its back. The housing itself has sharp edges that are standard for Alienware with glowing sharp triangle openings on the side which can change colors. Continue reading

Logitech Cube – From Mouse To A Presenter

Logitech Cube

Logitech Cube

Logitech has always made innovations in the external media accessories field. Now they have presented a new little mouse for professionals, travelers and minimalistic enthusiasts. This little device is called Logitech Cube and it is a mouse as well as presentation navigator.

The device itself features quite small dimensions; it is as big as a standard AA battery and it has a rectangular matchstick box, kind of look. Its small dimensions contribute to the fact that is quite portable, giving it a sense of an ultimate travel mouse. Continue reading

Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse – Innovation at its finest

Thermaltake Level

Thermaltake Level

BMW along with Thermaltake have worked before on some projects, and now they show that they mean business with their new innovative creation. Thermaltake has been making innovative cases and coolant systems and now yet again they demonstrated to the video-games community that they really mean business with the launch of the brand new Level 10 M Computer mouse. This particula all new game mouse, is in fact a collaborative effort that brings together the very best of Thermaltake’s experience with excellent BMW artistry in design and style. The item characteristics implement a lot of ground breaking ideas, never seen before, merged in a simple mouse. Continue reading

Microsoft Arc touch mouse – Innovation at its best

Microsoft Arc touch mouse

Microsoft Arc touch mouse

Presenting you a wireless mouse that is modern, touch-sensitive and easily portable; which is most important if you want to enjoy in the mobility that your portable computer can provide. Microsoft has made a mouse that can give you the easiest portability, combined with the most elegant design and the option to use your mouse on many different surfaces.

Microsoft’s arc touch mouse is unique in its style, performance and feel, featuring an innovative design that curves to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand yet packs away flat for easy storage, portability and transport. This flexible design is perfect for your mobile life style. Continue reading