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Google+ Could Automatically “Enhance” Your Mobile Video Recordings !

Google+Google’s familiar with tweaking your images automatically, and now it’s prolonging that expertise to video clip. By using Google+ and its auto-backup system for your media, Mountain view says it could adjust the lighting, color, stability &, soon enough, speech in any video you shoot. Simply make certain to have Auto Enhance activated on your device and, well, that’s the only factor you need to worry about actually. It’s a bit different than what the search giant did with Auto Awesome videos, actually, and also if you intend to see an admittedly low quality example, pop beyond the break. Continue reading

Twitter’s Direct Messaging is About to Get Scarcely Considerably Less Maddening on Cellular!

TwitterTwitter has actually announced a a lot-necessary pair of improvements to the direct messaging part of its service, which will certainly roll out over the succeeding handful of weeks.

On its Twitter Support account, the firm announced mobile clients will certainly soon be in a position to see their comprehensive DM history on their mobile phones, as opposed to just the  last few conversations.

In a 2nd tweet, the firm revealed it is working on modifications that will certainly syncronise removed messages throughout all a customer’s devices. Continue reading

VLC for Android Beta Arrives in US and Canadian Play Store!

VLC PlayerAs far as the desktop computer is worried, the VLC has actually remained one of the top media gamers on this platform. its presence on the smart phones however has never ever actually been smooth. Apple got the VLC player a few years back with a lot of expectations from the customers but it was quickly taken off because of Apple’s licensing requirements. In the future it did return back to the iOS and the attention now transferred to Android which remained quite behidn in VLC’s development. The good news is that now after 2 years of struggle, the VLC is lastly available on the Play Store for US Android users. Continue reading

Guest Post: Mistakes in Mobile Websites That Hurt You

Mobile websites are the way of the future because mobile web surfing is one of the most popular uses of technology today. According to Webtrends.com, mobile web surfing will surpass Internet surfing by the end of 2013, and the biggest trends in mobile websites are starting to be seen across all mobile sites. Those who don’t follow these trends are not seeing much traffic on their mobile sites, which can definitely hurt their business. 

Too Much Content

When you look at a website that has too many lights, sounds, and content, you are probably like most people and get frustrated and close out of the site. Imagine trying to read a site like that on your smartphone. Continue reading

Appsta: The App Hub

AppstaIt surely can be frustrating to look for the desired mobile app across umpteen websites where the cases of the app being a spam are high. But even that does not stop us from throwing our android and windows phones into jeopardy. Thus, a common hub of apps was the need of the hour and this is where Appsta comes into picture.

The platform of Appsta covers virtually all sorts of applications that have ever been made by developers and acts as a hub where the applications have been divided into various categories on the basis of their functionality. Continue reading

Viddy: Mobile App For Video Clips

ViddyViddy is a mobile app for editing, improving, and sharing video clips. It’s often compared to Instagram because it allows you to add special effects with just a click. This app has two ways of enhancing your videos, namely special visual effects, and with music.

So basically, Viddy is Instagram- like video app. And although it’s about capturing great videos, what it really does best is its own social network, also similar to Instagram. Like the said app, Viddy’s user interface has a quite few similarities with it. Continue reading

SuckMyTrend: Be Posted on the Latest Trends

SuckMyTrendWhat if there’s a service that allows you to be posted on all the latest trends in one place? That’s exactly what Suck My Trend is aiming to do. This UK- based startup takes a look at the latest and the greatest trends on the internet and roll them all together in one place. It focuses on social trends and hot internet searches. It is truly a unique way to be in the now. And in just 4 months, over 600,000 people have visited the site. Continue reading

Pantech Flex – Dual Personality

Pantech FlexThis one is mainly for the English readers.

The company Pantech has been pushing out midrange phones on the English market for a while and the majority of them can be described as mediocre. This one breaks that stereotype with its specifications and what it has under the hood.

The Pantech Flex deserves its name because of the software that it has inside. To be precise, it works on Android 4.0.4 that can be boot up in an easy mode – made for people with less understanding of modern Android usage and a standard mode that is more or less as any other Android software. Continue reading

AppAi.de: Discover New Mobile Apps Easily

AppAideIf you don’t have a lot of time in your hands trying to browse through the App Store, then you need something that will help your search faster. It would be ideal if you are notified when an app becomes popular or becomes to trend. That’s way, you could save more time. AppAi. De does exactly that. It allows you to discover new mobile apps by calculating what’s being used most in real- time. This app basically helps you find apps that people are actually using. Plus, it’s done automatically! Continue reading

Survey Anyplace: Survey Tool Designed For Mobile

Survey AnyplaceSurvey Anyplace provide an easy go- anywhere tool for customizable surveys. When you use this service, you can make your own survey in no time, thus discovering what your customer think and how they feel about your products or services. It’s also very convenient since it invites people right away and increases your response rates by 70% compared to email surveys.

Also with Survey Anyplace, you can react to market feedback straightaway. Continue reading